7 of The Greatest Walking Simulator Games

Aaron at IGCritic writes "A somewhat little known and underappreciated first-person walking simulator, Ether One is a video game which places you in the mind of a dying patient as an “explorer” travelling through their memories whilst searching for the source of the problem."

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P_Bomb867d ago

PT is still my sentimental fave. To think it was just a proof of concept demo. Why'd I delete it

Proteus was too boring for me to handle. I did platinum Rapture though. Soma I will definitely try if it's free on PS+ one day. Read good things. Last I checked it was still a bit expensive though. Same thing kept me away from Gone Home 'til it was free on Plus. $19.99's a bit steep for walking simulators imo.

TheGreatObserver867d ago

Soma is $40 currently was going to buy it tonight

Rimeskeem867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

I'm surprised Everyones gone to the Rapture wasnt here.

Edit: wait, it is there

Yucline867d ago

Its right there? Sitting on number 5 :P

Rimeskeem867d ago

I read that as Ether One XD

TheGreatObserver867d ago

Firewatch. Loved that game. Will play through again soon

mogwaii867d ago

Was a great game with a unique narrative, loved the setting and time.

quent866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

Why not call it exploration simulators, walking simulator sounds like a jab at something that's boring and uninteresting, stealth games= crawling simulators ?