Monkey Island Genius Returns With DeathSpank

Wired writes: "I still don't know as much as I'd like to about point-and-click adventure pioneer Ron (Monkey Island) Gilbert's upcoming RPG adventure DeathSpank, and that's despite an appearance by the game at this past weekend's PAX.

The teasers shown barely revealed anything, and so didn't add much to what we do know, which is that the episodic game is "Monkey Island meets Diablo" with lots of puzzles. Oh, and it will be funny, and feature a hero called DeathSpank, who was first introduced in an animated comic on Gilbert's blog.

Gilbert had a hand in the development of Penny Arcade Adventures at Hothead Games, where he also occupies the post of creative director. With the Diablo description, it sounds like we should expect a more straightforward hack-and-slash gameplay instead of Penny Arcade's menu-based combat.
Below, two more teasers shown at the Hothead booth, featuring the Nippley Manglebrak armor and the Thong of Justice."

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