What is Xbox Project Scorpio, exactly? Er, it seems even game developers don’t know

GamesRadar - "At its E3 2016 press conference on Monday, Microsoft announced an Xbox One upgrade: Project Scorpio. It’ll be more powerful, have loads of teraflops and that, and be capable of 4K resolution. But it’s confusing. Is it a real, next-gen Xbox? At the press conference, Microsoft’s Spencer said that it would be the most powerful console ever made, which certainly implied that everyone should prep to upgrade. But then later he said some other things that didn’t imply that. And then some more that sort of did."

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italiangamer913d ago

Judging by this article, Ms learned NOTHING about the original X1 reveal. Seriously, these developers didnt even know about the damn thing, not even RARE! A freaking first party developer. They just announced it so they could brag about the most POWAH ever in a console, typical Ms all smoke and mirrors.

Overload912d ago

It hilarious Rare didn't even know about it. They talked about what developers wanted, while keeping their 1st party Studios in the dark.

italiangamer912d ago

Yeah, according to this article some developers already have PS4 Neo developers kit on their desk, while Ms announced this thing without telling anyone of its existence lol. Tell me if this doesn't show how much Ms is in panic mode, looks like they had the idea for Scorpio just a couple of months ago.

911d ago
Overload911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

I shouldn't even respond to this, but I've just been talking about Scorpio. Not every Xbox thread.

I usually try to point out information others won't.

Also, it's insane Rare has no clue at all about anything about it, being first party when they're putting up developer reels at E3 about it.

Kiwi66911d ago

And that would be no different to not all devs knowing about the neo yet for some reason you just fixate on Rare

DevilOgreFish911d ago

I think MS was quoted saying that they were "listening and reading" about what developers and the community wanted. that's probably why it was a secret... unless developers were informed to be silent and then react supersized for E3. either way the information was way under the public radar. quietest kept secret.

Tech5911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

"What is Xbox Project Scorpio, exactly? Er, it seems even game developers don’t know

" It’ll be more powerful, have loads of teraflops and that, and be capable of 4K resolution. But it’s confusing. Is it a real, next-gen Xbox? At the press conference, Microsoft’s Spencer said that it would be the most powerful console ever made, which certainly implied that everyone should prep to upgrade. But then later he said some other things that didn’t imply that. And then some more that sort of did."

well first off, the reveal trailer of XB1 Scorpio mention playing XB1 games in 4k. so it's an XB1 console primarily with muscles necessary to run in 4k. second, they also mentioned VR in the reveal trailer as well which require lots of horse power as well. and lastly, they talk about if devs want to make games exclusive to Scorpio they can take full advantage of the hardware, they most likely mean for VR only games because they need all of the power and XB1 isn't that capable of doing VR. so naturally these games would be exclusive to Scorpio.

so simply put XB1 Scorpio is a more capable XB1 console. it runs the same OS and games but now it has more features for things like 4k and VR gaming.

- my two cents.

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Eldyraen911d ago

Judging by this article, the writer wanted something negative to write.

It was just announced and is 1.5 years away. It's basically a public announcement to let people know way in advance so they can decide to wait or not. Devs should basically be under NDA and most might not have a kit yet as it is 1.5y from now.

They start sending it out now and every game that runs on the One/S can be made better easily in that time as we don't need a full console launch yet but new hardware isn't a bad thing. The Xbox in particular does run worse (lower resolution on some games--especially Dice's) so they're going a bit bigger this time to future proof it that much more.

As I play on everything I can, I don't mind a better experience doing so but I'm not day one sold yet (give it till next e3).

PS is doing it as well and I don't see everyone running around "but what is it!". As of now we know basically just as much about both--a few specs and that they exist.

If the Neo is how specs are assumed to be, the One technically will be the strongest console too so no smoke and mirrors there.

Anyways, I don't think either are getting exclusives until, maybe, years later towards a next hard launch of next gen consoles (multiplatform "exclusive" with next real generation leap or the equivalent) so Devs don't need as much time with it when it's 1.5 years out. Architecture is the same just hardware is different so get it running on a One/Slim and then up everything you can for Scorpio.

MatrixxGT911d ago

Hit the nail on the head. MS was perfectly clear on what the fuck Scorpio is. If you watched the reveal its pretty self explanatory.

But.. What about NEO? Sony confirmed it exists and that's it. We should be writing about what that console is for? Is it for better VR because according to everyone else and Sony the current ps4 does VR quite dandy so why do we need a NEO? Is it for 4K gaming? If yes then what's the difference between NEO and Scorpio?

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BattleAxe911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

PlayStation is coming out with Neo, but thats ok and not confusing at all...... if Sony had announced the PS4K at their conference, everyone would be talking about how Sony knocked it out of the park. You people are fools!

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n4rc911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Useless article..

So they asked devs, they talked about it and never said they are in the dark.. but didn't give up more info then Phil did.. so they must not know anything?

Idiotic. Let's not even get into why little (if that) known devs would even be included in this info to begin with

Overload911d ago

Rare is owned Microsoft. Playground makes Forza Horizon.

Manic2014911d ago

Actual quote:

“I was obviously in the briefing on Monday, [but] I literally had to run and leave as soon as our section finished because I had an interview 20 minutes later, so I didn’t even get to see the Scorpio part of the presentation, so I’m a little in the dark on the technical details. We're not really thinking or talking about Scorpio for us now. We’re focused on our next goal which is getting [Sea of Thieves] into a closed beta.”

Does not mean he did not know at all.

S2Killinit911d ago

Thing is, MS said that they made the thing after delibrating with developers. But their own developers say they dont know about it because they missed the presentation. Something is missing in translation here.

n4rc911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

It's just an easy way to dodge the question.. the answer they would all give is "no comment" if pressed for details.. it's not their product to comment on and it's easy to spill the beans when trying to dodge around certain questions.. best to just play dumb lol

None of them were surprised, they all know about it. But even IF they knew something more then Phil told us (they may not depending on if they are starting work on it), they wouldn't say anything

Dasteru911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

There isn't even really anything to know. It is common sense, if you have even a basic understanding of how computer technology functions. It is a raw video processing power upgrade. there is no physically possible way with currently existing technology, that MS could limit it to be used for just a resolution increase. It can be used any way developers choose to use it. Any types of enhancements that can be made with the XB1 vs the 360 or between a GTX 1080 and 750ti, etc, can be made between Scorpio and the XB1.

-Resolution increases
-Graphical enhancements
-Physics enhancement
-Frame rate enhancements
-Lighting enhancements

Take your pick.

Assuming they upgraded the CPU also, then things like AI and npc/enemy density, etc, can also be improved.

Sweendog007911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Honestly media please do your home work

Developers don't know what the consol looks like and Dev kits have not been giving yet as specs are still being consider. They showed a video of people talking about the future of gaming and how they see it and what they want to achieve. At no point did they say here is the console it does this and this ... The key word that was used a lot is we , we went to developers and ask what a true 4K gaming power Would need , we wanted to work with VR users.

So now that's out of the way let's get it simple

Xbox = brand

Xbox live = the system that allows allow devices under the Xbox brand to connect and talk to one another, allowing users to share and creat content across a wider scale and more ways to play.

Xbox devices that are under Xbox live = Xbox one , Xbox one s , Xbox Scorpio , Windows 10 ( I am using Windows 10 and not PC as PC is not a Windows platform and any PC can run any system you want ).

All these devices connect under one roof , and share content etc , all are aimed at Diffrent users with Diffrent tastes , and allow get the Xbox exclusives ( brand exclusives if you will ) halo , gears etc etc

Just like apple - 4 Diffrent types of laptops , 4 Diffrent types of desktops , but all under one brand and operating system that connects all devices. And all the macs and desktops are aimed at Diffrent users

Developers have always stressed that they need more power and always want more choice to develop for , so ms is doing that ..: and developers do know it's in the works as the video showed developers talking about what they told ms , fallout 4 in VR was mentioned , Ubisoft even said they are working with ms going forward and helping them in the gaming system to achieve more games and better graphics and audience

It's not hard to understand = Scorpio is not the console , is a code name for a project that they want to achieve and what I said above is what ms are wanting to achieve its not hard to understand and people are acting like they are forcing you to join PC or leaving the Xbox one.

Watch e3 again , watch what they say and watch what they say after it ... The Xbox Scorpio is a project for the future and by asking developers now about things they need to do this , they can achieve it and help developers get prepared for the bigger future of games and ways to play.

SquidBuck911d ago

I am totally not going to read your overlong rant.

Sweendog007911d ago

Then don't , it's not a rant it's what the truth is. Short version for you then since you are a being nice about lol

Xbox never gave developers kits to make games for it , project scorpion is a vision not a console, the vision is to achieve true 4K gaming , VR , 3D and not leave anyone behind who does not want to update ... They are asking developers how to do this without forcing people to update

That's why developers don't know what it is , no specs have been finalised it's simply an idea at this moment

Kiwi66911d ago

At least his "rant" is shorter than we get from other people

Sweendog007911d ago

hey i may have had a big paragraph but the amount of people that can't see the simple idea is baffling me lol

and media are claiming all sorts, when its 18 months away and that only have said what they need to do to achieve 4k

i have read so many articles saying its the end of xbox, pc gaming is on trouble, sony have won for years to come

its like shut up, and incase no one notices, playstation are bringing out neo ... a high end console, exact same as ms

343_Guilty_Spark911d ago

I'm shocked by how stupid these articles are regarding Xbox One S and Scorpio.

The concepts are so simple.

Aenea911d ago

Awww, hating on those poor journalists? Come on now! :p

SegaGamer911d ago

I totally agree. Are games journalist being deliberately stupid to bait and get clicks, or are they in actual fact really dumb ?

n4rc911d ago


They know full well how many people don't watch the show, then get all their "facts" from others that also didn't watch it.

It's so easy to play up the blatantly obvious lack of knowledge. Where people go from experts in one post to clueless about basic concepts in the next..

It's annoying to be sure.. but I get it, business to run

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corroios911d ago

I think the phrase «the most powerful console ever made» is just PR. The next console is always the most powerfull.

I think the power aproach after the tons of news of the Cloud power isnt that smart. What gamers want to see are new and good games, with amazing stories. The problem is that those games take long time to make and cant be done everysingle year.

The best aproach from Microsoft should be games, and games, and games and more games. To make gamers want to buy the machine because of the quality and amount of games only available on the console.

Trying to hype something just because of the number of teraflops just work with the hardcore gamer and not with the millions of casual gamers that dont know or dont care about that.

Bzone24911d ago

I seem to remember another company bragging about building "the most powerful gaming device ever conceived". Not a lot of complaints about it just being PR then.

I agree they should go games, games and games, but they do have to get the hype up for Scorpio so developers jump on board and make games that take advantage of it.

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