VideoGamer Hands-on Preview: Killzone 2

VideoGamer writes: "We're not the biggest Killzone fans at Unlike what the rabid forum posters believe, this isn't down to a hatred for Sony and the PS3, but simply a dislike of the first game. It was an FPS plagued with technical issues, it lacked intelligence (both in game design and AI) and was rather dull in comparison to the best the genre had to offer at the time. We were, as are many people, weary of developer Guerrilla Games' ability to make the sequel gamers want Killzone 2 to be. It's a perfectly valid concern, especially as the game's first public unveiling at E3 2005 was nothing more than a pre-rendered video masquerading as gameplay, but after spending a good 30 minutes getting hands on with Killzone 2's multiplayer mode at GC 2008 we're starting to believe the hype."

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Make sure to watch HipHopGamers show every Sunday :)

Back on topic, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nos4speed3729d ago

Always do, for real man its crazy!:P

kittoo3729d ago

Its gonna rock.......

nos4speed3729d ago

I cant bare to read any more on this, I want to game to much! I needs it now! Must calm down just think of little big planet ahhhh take mind of killzone....but LBP has helghast dudes on it, I cant take it I need dis game! Now!

juuken3729d ago

I wouldn't underestimate this game if I were them.

Back then, the team for making Killzone was pretty small but now that Sony is helping with this title, Killzone 2 has potential to be a great shooter.

I saw a copy of Killzone over at my gameshop. I would have picked it up but I'm busy with too many games now.