inFAMOUS: What Next for Sony and Sucker Punch's Franchise?

Is Sucker Punch cooking up inFAMOUS 3? PSLS weighs up the options as we ring in the franchise's 7th anniversary.

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migh_and_highty567d ago

Take a small break from Infamous SP, i'd love a new ip from you's. Even if it is that rumoured spiderman game, but a new title just feels fresh, then maybe make a final infamous on ps5.

freshslicepizza567d ago

a good spiderman game would be cool. look at how well batman has done and sucker punch would be a good fit.

Rookie_Monster567d ago

Awsome if Spiderman is the next game. They did a great job with infamous so it will be cool to see them do spiderman. Day One if true.

Fin_The_Human567d ago

If the Spiderman game is real, they need to make sure that the web grabbing and slinging is down packed to the T....this is all I ever wanted from a Spider Man game.

starchild567d ago

I think they'd be a good match for a Spiderman game. I really enjoyed the Infamous games so I'm good with them doing another one or a completely new IP.

Heyxyz567d ago

There will be an Infamous remaster, mark my words.

-Foxtrot567d ago

Go off the evil ending in Second Son

Delsin is revealed to be the real Beast, John was something else they thought was the Beast

Second Son is revealed to be a Beast Origin story

Cole is resurrected either by himself or Zekes rebel group to take the real Beast on

This closes Cole's story for good

Infamous 3

The End

TwoForce567d ago

Ah, i think Sucker Punch is making Spider Man game.

ShadowKnight567d ago

I had a dream about it the other day. Wish my dream come true lol

_-EDMIX-_566d ago

lol I love how Fox always has theses crazy fan-fiction games! lol

It just makes everyone made that its NOT happening! We can dream. Well they can still do a InFamous 3 after their Spiderman game which I really believe might be a thing...

Who knows. The team did say they where working on something that wasn't InFamous.

I recall Fox saying he wanted Until Dawn to be series like America Horror Story where it was different each game, one like Aliens, then one like other horror series lol

Leave it to Fox's ideas to make us mad about what is not coming out!

red2tango567d ago

They're making a new SOCOM

Fin_The_Human567d ago

We are getting a new Ghost Recon so why not a new Socom.

DragonDDark567d ago

By sucker punch though? Why SP?

Fin_The_Human567d ago

Ok well maybe not SP.

Sony Bend would be a better fit to make the new Socom since they were awesome with Syphon Filter.

567d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.