Edge Interview: Crytek Warms Up to Consoles

Frankfurt, Germany-based Crytek is embarking on a new journey called "console development." Engine business manager Harald Seeley shares his thoughts on console hardware, the state of PC gaming and the always-controversial subject of piracy.

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Harry1903757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

to learn how they have been plagued by piracy on the PC. Just today they revealed that there were actually more pirated copies of Crysis being played than what they officially sold.

However, I personally don't like Crytek games. They might be very good with all the technical stuff and glitter, but I find their game lacking in atmosphere a little. I find Ubi's FarCry 2 to be much better than the original one and I really thought Crysis was all brawn, no brains.

Well, I am not particularly excited by their arrival into the home console market.

What also saddens me is that Crytek is also one of those comanies which seem to be stuck with only one genre like ID Software or Creatove Assembly. They never take new challenges and remain stagnant even though they make their games better and better. (In the Case of ID, ye,they do make more casual games for the DS and mobile now, but Orcs and Elves is still played in First Person Perspective.)

GiantEnemyCrab3757d ago

Everyone will just compare your console games to Crysis on the highest settings on PC that you will never be able to match.

Gamers will be expecting the same results you had on PC and everyone is just going to end up disappointed(see Console version of Far Cry). Yes, Crysis is also a fun shooter beyond graphics but the market on consoles is saturated. This is of course assuming you are going to make a console FPS.