Exclusive Interview: Tommy Tallarico Talks Beginnings, Video Games Live, LEVEL 5, and More

Morgan, Managing Editor of Gamer Professionals interviews Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live and talks with him about his humble beginnings, Video Games Live, his newest album LEVEL 5, and more!

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guywazeldatatt979d ago

Interviewing Tommy was quite awesome. I've known him for years but the level of passion he brings to Video Games Live, video game music, and the industry is nothing short of extraordinary. It was quite a pleasure. Very excited for LEVEL 5.

guywazeldatatt979d ago

I really hope Tommy hits the stretch goals. I'm sure we'll get at least one, and last year he had a HUGE surge at the end. He's a master promoter. I'm really excited and own all of his albums up to date.

Laguna_Levine979d ago

Really hope he'll consider doing Undertale in the future!

guywazeldatatt979d ago

Undertale has actually become one of the stretch goals bc of a massive fan response

NorthernFrost979d ago

I'll definitely have to check out LEVEL 5

guywazeldatatt979d ago

Check out Tommy's other work it's fantastic. And go to VGL. Amazing show.