Dyack Banned from NeoGAF, 'the Worst Forum Out There'

Kombo writes: Dennis Dyack of Silicon Knights has received a prestigious honor: Being banned from NeoGAF, with whom he's recently had some issues.

So, what was the last straw?

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ferdus-hutki-shira3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I . L O V E . F I N A L . F A N T A S Y . X

and Bloodmask tried to get rid of this article. hahahaha

La Chance3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

wow , that was pretty straightforward from NeoGaf. I think its obvious they hate Too Human for whatever reason even before the reviews rolled in and now that the reviews are here the just let themselves go.Its obvious now they want this game to flop hard.

"so with the majority of reviews condemning your magnum opus to mediocrity"

Both are to blame , NeoGAF is as guilty as Dyack but Dyacks personnality doesnt help either.Dyacks got an irratating personnality and is arrogant according to what I saw in the interviews.
Anyway looks like the internet, the forums etc is really a very important factor today in the videogame industry.They can pretty much make or break a game.

BTW Im not at all familiar with NeoGaf : can somebody quickly tell me a bit about it , and compared to N4G etc.Are they really as bad as Dyack claims ?

Hentai3742d ago

Neogaf isn't a terrible place. It's a place where people really want to have video game discussion without childish fanboyism.

morganfell3742d ago

He had it coming. I am amazed by people that claim to know all about Too Human and know about gaming yet are apparently unaware of the way he went to that forum and attacked Neogaf and then attacked Neogaf in interviews with other publications and sites.

He had it coming a long time ago. How smart can a dev be for attacking his audience.

"Hold on there I have my right foot dead in my sights!"

AlterEgo3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

NeoGAF basically = the biggest online gaming community there is...with just shy of 40,000 members...of which some are industry folk including developers (Denis Dyack included...well, not anymore I guess), Ryan Payton has an account, James Stevenson of Insomniac games, writers from gaming sites like 1UP and many others...

NeoGAF is also home to many company and retail insiders, employees etc who get invited/access to lots of exclusive events/betas/shows that most people dont.

They usually have the most accurate information, before anybody else does and there's none of the console war business (for the most part) due to strict supervision of posts by the mods and things people get away with here on N4G in the open zone (and in the gamer zone sometimes) are easily perma-bannable.

Not to mention you can't just create an account. You have to create a request, and be individually approved (which for me took about 3 weeks) before you can post.

You can however, view posts without having an account.

La Chance3742d ago

wow , I never knew Neogaf was that big...

So N4G is a midget compared to NeoGaf.

Thanx for the info bubbles

juuken3742d ago

Dyack...when you're being too arrogant, people will not take it very likely.

NeoGaf is actually a good forum.

nycredude3742d ago

I believe the politically correct term "little person" or "Dwarf".
Sorry to get on you but the last time I used midget in public I got an earful. I just wanted to spare you the same fate.

But on topic this guy is a douche and he deserves whatever lashings he gets.

Winter47th3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Could've been handled better without making a fiasco out of it.

Wonder if they make threads for every member they ban, if it was a matter of proving a point, then the thread should've been giving 'n taking between Denny and the Gaffers, but kicking him the hell out and not closing the thread just to add more salt to the wound with over 20 pages of ridicule replies to wipe his dignity infront of the whole community, that is just a low blow and frankly unprofessional.

Yes, he had it coming, but how much is that circus of a thread really is proving his point about it being the worst forum?

m91058263742d ago

Merceles, that GIF is so full of win it's about to explode!

hardmetal3742d ago

Bad enough to prove his point.

I LOVE my xbox3741d ago

That's just too perfect ROFL


Winter47th3741d ago

Ditto Hardmetal, glad to see I'm not the only one on the same page, though he really should learn when to put a sock in it, the way this whole thing's headed ain't for the best of anyone.

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littletad3742d ago

All I know about it is that if something is news breaking, well it's usually from someone there or posted there. So I can imagine Dyack isn't the only one who doesn't appreciate the site. Oh well, Majority rules.

Mao3742d ago

Sorry Dennis about your game. See you in another 9 years with Too Human 2...maybe you'll call it, TWO HUMAN! GET IT? Oh it doesn't matter...

The game tanked, the defense force is out in record numbers...but it's not helping. Bad times for SK and Dennis Dyack.

badz1493742d ago

the last one in the trilogy will be titled "Three Humans"

King Me3742d ago

he got banned!?!?!wow,the guys game is getting horrible reviews left and right and now he just got the ban hammer XD!!

gambare3742d ago

he was banned from NG for spamming how good Too human was.

Montrealien3742d ago

generally mixed reviews are not horrible,

case in point:

And GAF are mostly pricks who see themselves above it all,

from there FAQ

For Members that haven't been approved:

Q: Why haven't I been approved?!?!?!
A: Because we go through every single application by hand, and there is only one person who does it. On top of that, we do them in batches and they aren't dealt with on a regular basis. You may have to wait 2 minutes, you may have to wait 3 months. The only thing you can do is wait. SO WAIT. Do not PM people about why you haven't been approved, we don't care.

Q: My E-mail is banned? What did I do???
A: Nothing. We have a f*cking massive list of free e-mail services that are banned from this site. Yours was one of them.

Dyack stood up to them, granted in a very immature and stupid way, and they snuffed him.

Pain3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

a dev got banned? Thats new.

but NeoGAf is emo central anyways so meh~

fafoon3742d ago

Should be Banned from
Developing Games Ever again
10 years Down the Toilet

Tawnokoi3741d ago

Haikus can be fun
But sometimes it's not good to
Write comments that way