Resident Evil 4 HD Project - New Comparison Screenshots Show Incredible Improvements

Chris has released some new comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded version of RE4, showing the incredible work the team has put into this upcoming Texture Pack.

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kaiserfranz1075d ago

Great work, though I'm not sure who is interested in playing this game again. I played it with HD textures in 2008 or something like that.

Articuno761074d ago

No... with played it with mushy upscaled textures that you remember looking much better than they actually did.

-Foxtrot1075d ago

If Capcom ever release a HD RE4 (again) on the Xbox One and PS4 then they need to get in contact with this guy.

DigitalRaptor1074d ago

The RE4 HD version on last-gen was one of the laziest. I'm ashamed to have bought it. Capcom didn't even upgrade the textures, they just upscaled up the resolution.

At least the more recent HD versions (REmake and Zero) are a lot better, so they seem to have learned what we expect from remastered games. I still wouldn't expect Capcom to do anything other than they're currently doing with their most recent remasters though.