Po!nt game controller, TreeTech´s unique and creative game controller

I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) have tried, seen and read about many different kinds of game controllers since the early 90s. Even so, I haven´t seen a controller quite like TreeTech´s wireless Po!nt Game Controller. It looks really cool for sure, but is it any good?

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Liking very much the idea of modular aspect and inter-changeable face plates ( think this could be the best way/option for future application with the Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft control pads - the XBox One Elite is already doing this in a way ), but do worry TreeTech's control pads isn't durable enough.

TGG_overlord1081d ago

Good points, and I´m somewhat afraid that the controller will break rather easily :S

DashArrivals1081d ago

There are a breed of gamers who are serious controller twisters. I would highly advise they steer very clear of this particular controller.
Last generation I was a controller slammer, but I have since graduated to couch slapping. So a controller like this may work for me, but I'm quite fond of my DS4s. :D

TGG_overlord1081d ago

I actually thought about that, for example. I highly doubt that the Po!nt controllers would survive all that long if the player in question plays Halo or COD (Xbox players are well known for going bananas while playing online).

Khaotic1081d ago

That had me f###ing laughing, my coworkers were like wtf after i read your post in the office.

TGG_overlord1081d ago

That´s another way to see it xD Now you´re playing with boobs! :P

Simon_the_sorcerer1081d ago

Ehrm...Is it just me or does the Po!nt controllers look like two hockey pucks that have been attached to each other? xD

TGG_overlord1081d ago

To be fair, you´re not the first person that has pointed that out :P

MurDocINC1081d ago

Looks like boobs to me, yea horny mind.

DVAcme1081d ago

My main point of concern with this controller is how comfortable it is in your hands, cause that ball shape looks rather uncomfortable and possibly slippery. IMHO, you just can't beat the double grip design.

TGG_overlord1081d ago

That would be my nr 1 concern as well, I´m also somewhat worried that the controller will break down in just a couple of weeks...

Relientk771081d ago

It looks like a big ridiculous bow tie

TGG_overlord1081d ago

So, we got pucks, boobs and now a bow tie so far xD

Relientk771081d ago

I can see all 3 of those lol

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