Thunderbolt review: Civilization Revolution

James Frazer reports:

''PC to home console conversions are usually met with much groaning and apprehension, and most are within reason. Until recently consoles couldn't match the specs of a gaming PC which saw franchise after franchise being stripped of features with watered down modes and tread-bare life-span. Then you have the issue of porting over controls from a keyboard and mouse to a controller that sports slower scrolling with analogue sticks. As such, these ports are usually marketed as spin-offs that concentrate on particular aspects of the game to try to justify the limited scope on offer. And since the newest consoles have gone against he idea of producing mice and keyboard controllers (unlike the Dreamcast and PlayStation) developers have had to come up with all sorts of ways to transpire their dreams and their visions, on a platform which is more accessible and grossly outstripping the once lucrative PC market. The Orange Box, Command and Conquer 3 and Oblivion are currently benchmark titles for such a practice, but none have gone through the rebuilding efforts of Sid Meier's Civilization to simply make them run, let alone work on a home console. Fireaxis has taken the foundations of the popular turn based strategy title and built it around its limitations rather than jumping up and down on it until everything fits in. This isn't a simple port, it's a revolution.''

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