25 Reasons Gamers Annoy Non-Gamers

From comes a list of reasons casual gamers dislike certain hardcore gamers and games:

"Sure, a lot of the mistrust between gamers and non-gamers comes from simple miscommunication, but that doesn't mean some points aren't valid. Below are 25 popular (and not so popular) reasons why gamers annoy those who don't play games."

"I'm on a strange alien world stranded alone with only an artificial intelligence program to keep me company? Yes, that's riveting. Wait, there's a second, even more dangerous alien race out there? Big shocking twist there!"

"Look, the only clans I know of are in Braveheart and Mississippi Burning. I don't want to join either. I think it's great you have a little club of online friends to play games with, but I mostly quit joining clubs when I graduated high school. No offense."

"Sure, it can play Blu-Rays, but I'm not a movie nerd, either. $600 is an awful lot to blow on something to play video games, and spending $2,000 on eBay for the same $600 system is even weirder. There's a good reason the Wii is the best selling system."

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Timesplitter143661d ago

lol did you choose your avatar just for that comment?

cLiCK_sLiCK93661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

What pisses me off more is when non-gamers dont know what they are talking about and say Grand theft Auto games are for kids. Same with a complicated story like MGS4.If anything, the Wii is for little kids.

Stupid wii fanboys.

ChickeyCantor3661d ago

In most cases "core" gamers have no clue what they are talking about either... there is sh/t loads of ignorance with them too.

Why is Wii stupid btw? why the hate? It is not making sense XD.

cLiCK_sLiCK93661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I dont hate the wii. I hate its ingnorant audience. This article is a perfect example.

harv0523661d ago

You know, it's not everybody who live, breath, eat and sleep video games...Sure, you see the average kid at your local "Mart" speaking gibberish nerd talk, and you find it stupid...I do too sometimes. But the fact of the matter is, it is not because you know a lot about games and they don't that you are superior in any way...

sumfood4u3661d ago

i hate when non gammers talk smack than call a time out to practice in middle of a fight! they say "Time out im a noob, but they constantly shoot at u in MGSonline!"

TVC153661d ago

it sucks because there are no good games on it

not because of the motion controls, but because all the games on the wii are bad and definitely not memorable

Rute3661d ago

Wii has the most critically acclaimed game of this generation. It's called Super Mario Galaxy.

Wii also has the most popular game of this generation. It's called Wii Sports.

You have the right to say what you want, but next time try to remember mentioning that it's just your opinion.

IcarusOne3661d ago

It's nice to see the non-/casual gamer's perspective from time to time, but a lot of these reasons are precisely why the casual gaming market annoys me. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose, but consider this: if we hardcore gamers (and the industry that happily revolves around us) annoy you so much, just stop paying attention. Ignore us.

God knows, we ignore you.

Vertius3661d ago

"Wii has the most critically acclaimed game of this generation. It's called Super Mario Galaxy."

Incorrect. The most critically acclaimed game of this generation is GTA4. Whether it deserves that title, however, is up for debate.

Rute3661d ago

All time top games, based on average scores from gaming sites:
1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
2. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
3. Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)
4. Grand Theft Auto IV (X360)


Vertius3661d ago

Hm, GTA4 must have gotten a couple of more reviews since I last looked. The last time I saw it, SMG was below GTA.

I apoligise.

Rute3661d ago

Hehe, no harm taken. That must be the first time I see anyone apologizing in N4G. Here, have a bubble.

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gaminoz3662d ago

I think that attracting more non-gamers to the fold is a good thing (yes even if it is with Wii Fit....). I'm in my thirties and most of the people around me weren't interested in gaming, but only recently if the games are accessible enough, they are interested and enjoy it.

I think games shouldn't only cater to the hardcore and should try to go for as many as possible by having simpler control schemes to begin with but different difficulty levels. Or some for hardcore and some for both, as seems to be increasingly happening. Publishers want money...way to get money is to make more gamers out of non-gamers.

All this online focus and complicated menu or button systems will just turn non-gamers off from even trying...which is a shame because today's games are amazing.

Timesplitter143661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Yeah but I kinda fear this will kill hardcore gaming pretty soon.

I want my games to be deep and even sometimes make me think and make me feel all kinds of emotions. I never get that feeling when I see movies. No movie I saw ever managed to equal the scenario of Metal Gear and the heart warming feel of Final Fantasy 7.

If Guitar Hero and Wii Fit continue to gain popularity, we'll lose this. And I'll never be able to feel this again. It's a shame that so many people haven't seen the real beauty of games. You can't blame them either. All the games they know are those who went in the news because they were too controversial.

If only they knew!

gaminoz3661d ago

I don't think it is only about having very simple 'Wii play' type games only, I think it is about making deep and intelligent games too...only more accessible to more people.

I never played any MGS fully (wasn't my thing) but MGS4, despite the usual long winded cinematic and conversations, was great fun even for those who have not played the series before. You could play it as an advanced MGS gamer and do the sneak around and gadget approach, or if you wanted to you could play it Call of Duty style...You also have difficulty levels. This flexibility made it a game for more gamer types.

I play my 360 more than the PS3, but MGS sort of gives the idea of making games flexible for more casual gamers as well as for hardcore gamers.

IcarusOne3661d ago

My concern is that the Wii is going to become Disney and casual gaming will flood the market like mindless blockbusters. Then the real works of gaming art will be relegated (like indy studios and art houses) to the fringe.

toughNAME3662d ago

You know what annoys me?

gaminoz3662d ago (afraid to ask...)

3661d ago
juuken3661d ago


PS3 fans?

RememberThe3573661d ago

People who try to guess what annoys you.

zo6_lover273661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I KNOW!!!!!


@ iamtehpwn

He would probably like that. :D


In all seriousness I think it was this article that annoyed you.

ChickeyCantor3661d ago

I think he was trying to type out a reason after that...but he could not make one up. So in his last hope...he tried getting attention anyway.

We are feeding the troll...It's eating our Soul.

TheDeadMetalhead3661d ago

Bratty children screaming in supermarkets?

Nah, too obvious XD

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mercenaut3662d ago

'...the only clans I know of are in Braveheart and Mississippi Burning. I don’t want to join either.'

gaminoz3661d ago

Yeah this whole intense online teamwork thing is killing it for me: Why So Serious....

jlytle12343661d ago

people have to find the middle ground. you cant take things so seriously. but it really pisses me off when someone is on your team who just goofs off and is no help whatsoever or even a deterrent to you winning. Play for fun, but play to win.

Timesplitter143662d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

''Game stories bore me.''

Well I guess you're right if you were playing Halo and Madden NFL but many games surpass movies in terms of story

the whole article is full of ignorance

Timesplitter143661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

yeah if you have a lot of imagination

Maybe these guys are playing football because an evil galactic emperor will destroy our planet if they don't...

And you can also imagine love stories between the players of diffrent teams... but they are forced to confront themselves in battle....

Ok I stop now

ChickeyCantor3661d ago

...You almost made me buy Madden....that sounds more interesting then what it is now =/ XD.

kevnb3661d ago

if the losing team was punished and humiliated in a physical way, I mean they get paid millions a year so why not?

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