New Games Join PlayStation Now Subscription Service Tomorrow In Japan

Sony Japan announced new games for Playstation Now, coming tomorrow. Some of the games are Killzone 2, Earth Defense Force 2025, God of War II HD and more.

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FallenAngel1984975d ago

There really needs to be a yearly subscription model for PS Now. Currently subscribing every 3 months for $45 which totals to $180 a year or worse subscribing every month for $20 which totals to $240 a year. That just isn't acceptable in the long term.

madmonkey01975d ago

the uk sub is £7.99, compared to £7.49 for netflix, so its not bad here.

975d ago
FlexLuger975d ago

Put PS4 games on it, and more people will want a piece, sony.

ironcrow2386974d ago

So new games coming to Sony Japan?? What the actual crap is that any good to the rest of the world??