The Division: new gameplay, info on skill trees, weapon mods and character select

Ubisoft Massive hosted a Community Q&A for The Division yesterday, and it included brief look at new gameplay.

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DarkOcelet1101d ago

The more i see of The Division, the more i think that this game is really what I Am Alive should have been.

But last gen couldn't handle it.

zerocarnage1101d ago

The division i want most of all the games coming out. Being a huge tom clancy fan, i love the games and they can do no wrong in my eyes.. but i must say it looks fantastic even down to the customisation features.

Ubisoft are one of my fav publishers.

dillhole1101d ago

Well the good news is that it looks a bit better than the controversial 'downgraded' footage but still not quite like the original E3 footage.

Why do Ubisoft do this? They did the same with Watch_Dogs. First trailer looked incredible, then they released something that looked sub-ps3 standard, then eventually settled for something inbetween.

_-EDMIX-_1101d ago

I don't know what you mean bud, tons of videos of the snow drop engine running in real time look equal to better then the E3 footage. Sooooo even if we say their is a difference, I'm not sure how small that difference is to even care, are you playing it or looking at it?

Get it on PC and please stop bring up looks on a game you play, not watch like a movie, 96% sure you can enjoy this game in the current state we've seen it in. I've actually downloaded a native capture of the game and did a side by side with the original footage and its not noticeable and it seven questionable if a downgrade even exist as we have no exact side by side of the same demo, area, time of day etc, yet the Snowdrop engine demos actually show MORE complex graphics then its first E3 reveal.

If you want it to look better, 100% sure you can get that on the PC version as I'm pretty sure that version can look better by default of what will release on console.

I'm getting it on PS4 and I could care less about some downgrade that you think you see, I getting it to play bud.

wsoutlaw871101d ago

who cares what some trailers look like

Ashunderfire861101d ago

I played this game at E3 2015, and I got to say that this game looks just as good as the E3 trailer back in 2013. I remember hearing about this game from 2 people who was V.I.P that saw gameplay footage when it was super behind close doors, for Journalist only! This was before it was on the internet back in E3 2013. This game has come a long way, and I been following it ever since.

DivineAssault 1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

This game looks awesome.. Its what a true current gen game should be like.. I remember playing ghost recon on 360 for the 1st time and this seems to be kinda like that experience wow factor wise.. What is this gameplay from? PC or xb1?

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