Developer Wars: MK vs SF Scorpion vs Ryu Find Out Who Wins?

Mortal Kombat Developers Says there game is the best and that Mortal Kombat can kick Street Fighters @$$
Street Fighter Developers Says that they are way ahead of the Mortal Kombat and series and that ED boon has no chance against street fighter. Enough Talk Let's see who will really win in a battle
ROUND 1 Fight.

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boodybandit3783d ago

That was excellent editing and fun to watch!

Fishy Fingers3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

LOL at the video, saw that on youtube ages ago. Still just as impressive.

DFresh3782d ago

Great show Hip Hop Gamer!
It's all about Scorpion but I'll still play both games.
Mortal Kombat is gonna insane.