Gamers Universe: New International Track and Field Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Ware ye, young athlete. Tempt not the wrath of New International Track and Field. Be not deceived by its super-deformed anime polygons and close thine ear to its chirpy Chariots of Fire title remix. While it may appear undemanding - even simplistic - this 25-year anniversary edition in the Track and Field series will test you to breaking point.

In theory at least, NITF is a simple affair. Each of the game's 24 sporting events – some new, some old – hinge on two or three straightforward actions. The most elementary of these is the hundred metre sprint, which has you alternating A and B or scrubbing left to right with the stylus to make your character run. Throwing a discus is a matter of scrubbing or alternating buttons to build power, then holding and releasing a button to determine your throwing angle."

+Simple but brilliant
+Lush graphics
+Lush audio
+Gargantuan community support
+Slick touch screen controls...

-...that tie your wrists in knots
-Brilliant but simple

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