Watch: When should we review games?


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_-EDMIX-_1123d ago

Over all agreed. Great watch. I feel if we give MMOs and other online games reviews in layers over time, I feel the same should apply if a game has a huge bug that after time is fixed, patched etc.

ie its review when it releases, doesn't represent what its like currently, great example is BF4. Still one of the most played MP titles right now, yet it got poor reviews for LIFE, based on 3 to 4 months after release.

I feel if its game breaking enough, second reviews or updates are necessary if the product changes drastically in quality due to it.

Are we reviewing a game or just how it plays for a few days? Is that a fair representation of a product as dynamic as games?

Music albums don't get updates, films don't just get patches and do overs after they hit the silver screen lol, why should games get day 1 reviews for life based on other mediums review times?

freshslicepizza1122d ago

this is how,

reviewers usually get an early copy. they should play the game and finish it. then write a review. if however that copy has online multiplayer then they should give out multiple reviews. one for when they finish the campaign and then an updated review for multiplayer once it goes live and they can monitor how smoothly it runs and how the game is with other people.

they should also do follow up reviews if games change over time due to updates and patches that can affect the game dramatically. destiny for example seems to be much different now than when it first came out.

Viryu1123d ago

Pfff, play games. You can easily review now Uncharted 4 based of Uncharted 2.