The Problem With Free To Play, Or, Why You’ll Never Own A T-Rex

Play: "Why free to play means you'll never own a T-Rex unless you fork out the cash."

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caseh1162d ago

Funny, points out the negative aspects of F2P games yet clearly states he has spent months playing Jurassic Park and not spent a penny.

You can't have your cake AND eat it bud!

iceman061162d ago

I can have my cake and eat it! I just can't keep ALL of my cake and eat it! (silly sayings and all) But, yeah, there are issues with the F2P model in some games. But, there ARE those that hit the sweet spot. Just gotta do your due diligence.

mastershredder1162d ago

If you don't play free to play games it's not a problem. Oddly even though I paid for certainly felt like one of those free to play games (you won't see it all unless your spend more). Must be why I stopped playing it too.

iceman061162d ago

It really seems like they are melding the F2P model into a retail game. The new market using real money (turned into in game currency) is just a step in that direction. Even though it's only for "cosmetic" items, it is still a pretty slippery slope these days.

user66660471162d ago

I owned a Tyrunt on Pokemon X and that's basically a T-Rex!