Gamer 2.0 Preview: Mirror's Edge

Gamer 2.0 reports:

''Last week we got to play through several of EA's upcoming holiday titles, including the uniquely devised Mirror's Edge, developed by Swedish game studio, DICE, creator of the Battlefield franchise. There's no denying that Mirror's Edge is quite a departure from what DICE is typically known for doing. And we're admittedly elated to see that instead of focusing on developing another shooter franchise, they're attempting to kick off a whole new IP with an unusual twist.

What's known of the game's setting was detailed in our previous coverage, but this time around we got to sit down with it and get a feel for the controls. We admit to having our reservations about the gameplay mechanics, especially considering it is essentially a free running game in first person. We were leery about how such a game would play out in anything but third-person; a design choice that they thought immersed you deeper into the game. We're still a little hesitant about it, but during the time we played, it was enjoyable enough.

There's a bit of a learning curve to picking up the controls, but if you're at all familiar with first person shooters, you should be able to find yourself around fairly easily. They did a good job of making the game pretty accessible using context sensitivity to make it easier for you to jump over and slide underneath obstacles. Grabbing onto pipes, ledges, and poles doesn't require any input at all from the player, outside of making sure you're properly aligned with the object when you're jumping towards it.''

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AnthonyPerez3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Ballsy statement on a much hyped game, but I have been thinking the same thing:

"What we hope for when the game comes out, is that intriguing gameplay isn’t the only thing that it will bring to the table, and that there is an equally intriguing story line to back it up. Our major concern is that it will fall victim to the same issue that plagued Assassin’s Creed: repetitiveness. All the sliding and jumping in the world won’t be able to save this game if doesn’t do more than repeatedly task you with running from here to there. Let’s hope that there's more than what they're letting on."