Rise of the Tomb Raider Discovers What Drives Lara Croft | IGN

It’s impossible to say from just three hours of play, but the success of Rise of the Tomb Raider might hinge on getting the balance just right between its more recent emphasis on stealth, survival, and crafting, and it’s more structured, puzzle-driven tombs. Tomb Raider was a spectacle-driven adventure that did a great job of updating so many aspects of the franchise, though it perhaps lost some of its distinctiveness along the way. Rise builds on that strong foundation. Introducing tombs and developing exploration make it feel much more like a classic Tomb Raider experience, but it’s the renewed focus on Lara as a character and examining the demons and desires that fuel her really has me hooked. Finding something new to do with a character that’s been around for 19 years isn’t easy, but it looks like Rise of the Tomb Raider has found something say.

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