Payday 2 Developers Promise to Fix Xbox One Version of the Game

The Xbox One version of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition has faced significant issues with connectivity since June. Now, Overkill Software is promising fixes and DLC updates for the console game.

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Eonjay1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Since June though. Come on guys. Get it together. Games get hell for much much less offensive bugs.

dantesparda1176d ago

Have they even added/fixed the anisotropic filtering on the PS4 version? I doubt it since even back then the X1 version had these connection problems.

Eonjay1176d ago

I wouldn't know, but the fact is they released an incomplete product. At this point what was the rush. Was it simply impromptu inspired by GTA5

dantesparda1176d ago

I agree that they released a imcomplete product. And unfortunately, its all to normal now.

fulnattybrah1176d ago

I was thinking about getting this too... I guess not...

Saijahn1176d ago

Don't trust them. They tend to keep their word on console versions of the game. Still remember how f'd up they were when it released on the old gen.

81BX1176d ago

Devs need to pay a steep price for this kind of crap. Its sad when unfinished becomes a trend.

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