Microsoft Edge confirmed to be arriving on Xbox One

In a live Twitter Q&A, the Microsoft Edge Development Team were answering questions sent into them by the Edge community. Of course, it wasn't too long before a question related to Xbox One was asked - and sure enough, it was, and answered, too. Edge will be coming to Xbox One

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poppinslops1125d ago

Excellent - I've found the PC version to be quicker than Chrome or Firefox (and waaay faster than Explorer)... I've no idea how or why that is, but if the xbox sees similar improvements I'll be very happy.

choujij1125d ago

Internet Explorer by any other name is still Internet Explorer.

poppinslops1125d ago

Whatever - if it's faster, it's better, right?

IrishSt0ner1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Except it's not, it's renamed because it's a completely new browser.

The most obvious thing that proves this, is there's no legacy support for IE.

Write simple code to run on EDGE, it's done. Write simple code to run on IE, spend hours applying fixes and workarounds for every individual previous version of IE... and then cry when you reach IE6.

Not the same browser by a long shot, you'd think that was obvious when both IE11 and EDGE are seperate applications on Windows 10.

green1125d ago

Pleasently surprised by how fast EDGE is compared to Chrome and Firefox. Firefox is now terrible in my opinion.

Yetter1125d ago

I've never liked firefox, it just seems so bloated.

FITgamer1125d ago

Not for me. Chrome is still faster. Also Edge still doesn't have extension support.

mcstorm1125d ago

I agree I have made the switch to Edge and have found it so much faster than the rest so far. It will be interesting to see how it works on the xbox one.

sonicjam1124d ago

Sorry, Edge still lags behind Chrome its been proven. Look it up

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Genuine-User1125d ago

Edge is a fantastic web browser. Hope it's as good on Xbox One.

Grown Folks Talk1125d ago

Can we watch videos now? NFL Game Pass,, ect? If so, i'll be happy. Otherwise it's just superficial.

Deathdeliverer1124d ago

Edge is working fine for me and I can't wait to see it on my One. Bing, however, needs to GTFO. Please give me a option to set my search engine.

N4GJD1124d ago

But edge gets slower over time, lacks even the most basic features, and is glitchy.

And thats been my experience on two completely different PCs, so don't tell me otherwise!

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