The New Apple TV Will Support Third-Party Controllers

Today’s keynote event unveiled the new and improved Apple TV, an updated system touting gaming as a primary selling point. With their larger focus on gaming, Apple has announced the TV’s support for third-party controllers.

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SteamPowered1165d ago

I cant stand the closed ecosystem of Apple products. If they get into gaming, thats a hard pass.

noah-kun1165d ago

It's an open ecosystem, any one can develop and submit apps or games to the App Store. A PS4, Xbox or Steam would be just as restrictive. Ask any game developer or publisher what their "compliance" department does and they'll tell you.

SteamPowered1165d ago

The fact you absolutely have to be tethered to iTunes to use your apple products means an epic fail to me. Android phones let you drag and drop music,videos, and ringtones right into your phone. With an Apple product you absolutely must use iTunes or similar program. iTunes is a slow, bloated program that just eats up HDD space.
This and many more reasons make it a very closed system for users. Android is the freedom I crave.

noah-kun1164d ago

@SteamPowered You don't need to tether to or use iTunes for Apple products. You're misinformed.

freshslicepizza1165d ago

can you not play apple games on an iphone or an ipad or on apple tv ? where do you play your nintendo games besides nintendo platforms? seems even more restrictive to me.

Aenea1165d ago

When was the last time you installed a game you downloaded from some website on your Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U?

They all are closed systems..

SteamPowered1164d ago

This isnt apples to apples. Those are consoles. This is an Iphone which you need itunes on your pc to access its features. That would be like using Games for Windows Live to put music on your Xbox. Doesnt make sense to have that extra step. If you have music on an HDD and plug it into an Xbox, it will be able to access it straight away.
Iphones you absolutely positively need itunes or equivalent to open it up on Pc. And then it doubles your music library inside of itunes which makes no sense when it should be able to follow the shortcut path like any program ever.

/end rant

Cogan11164d ago

You have never needed to use iTunes for apple products in about 5 years. You only need to have an apple account, just like PS4 needs a Sony account, Xbox needs a MS account etc. No other software is needed to run their products.

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SmokingMonkey1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Knight Rider Controller?

"What button would you like to press Michael?"

TXIDarkAvenger1165d ago

Eh, if I was going to get a TV box with gaming in mind, I would just get the Nvidia Shield Android TV box.

vongruetz1165d ago

It's like Apple heard all these people who said, "All Apple has to do is put an App store on the AppleTV and it will be a console killer" and did just that. No. That isn't going to work, and neither will this.

For a gaming console, it's underpowered with a horrible controller. For a media streaming device, it's $50 too expensive. So it's trying to be both but fails to be either. It's trying to hard to be something nobody really wants. Sports scores overlaid on top of what you're watching? Most people just pick up their phones and look it up there. Why? Because it's easier. What does this thing do that makes things easier than before?

SteamPowered1165d ago

It doesn't have to make anything easier to be successful. The people that buy Apple products have already made up their mind. Apple doesn't have to do anything innovative at this point to sell iPads and iPhones.

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