Chris Lewis Interview

Just over twelve months ago, Microsoft launched their second home console, the Xbox 360. In development since early 2003, the platform has gone on to sell over eight million units to date, with Microsoft insisting that it is on course to hit ten million by the end of the year. Peter Moore has very much become the global face of Xbox 360 now that J. Allard has focused his recent energies on Zune, leaving Chris Lewis to join Moore at European events including X05, Game Convention 2006, and X06 - almost becoming the European face of the console in the process. The Vice President of Microsoft's Home and Entertainment Division for Europe, Middle East, and Africa since September 2004, Lewis had previously been responsible for successfully launching the original Xbox in both the UK and the Nordic regions, and saw his promotion that Autumn as an opportunity to focus "...on continuing this success into the future."

So after steering the Xbox 360 onto store shelves over the course of the past year, and negotiating a small number of issues with the console along the way, how does Lewis perceive the current state of the console in Europe? TVG recently caught up with the executive to ask this and a number of other questions as the Xbox 360 celebrates its first year in the territory...

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