Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost Guide - Part One

Grant Patterson is going to give you a comprehensive how-to-play in what may be the most fun game of all time. Seriously, if you're not playing Full Boost, you're missing out. This thing is awesome. And everyone needs to know about it.

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Deathdeliverer1211d ago

I have this game on PS3. Had it since launch in Japan and I love it. Very deep tactics.

Iceman X1211d ago

Yeah, i got Extreme no full Boost yet but the 1st game was just as good!!

Deathdeliverer1211d ago

I had that one since launch also. Gundam Epyon FTW

GrantPatterson1209d ago

If you think Epyon is awesome, check out the new Nobel Gundam DLC for Full Boost. YouTube it, even. It's ridiculous.

GrantPatterson1209d ago

Make sure to check this series out, as it'll be expanded throughout the week. This is meant to introduce new players to the game.