How the Wii is Beating the Xbox 360 and PS3

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"Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3:

It is amazing how much better both of these systems have become since I first received them. The Xbox 360 now does a really good job of pulling media from my home server and has one of the best download rental libraries currently in the market - granted the time it takes to start a movie is still excessive but it has come a long way from where it first started. The PS3 has come even farther - but then it had farther to go. I still think the PlayStation interface is more in-line with a home entertainment product than a gaming system and is vastly more pleasing to the eye.

The Nintendo Wii: The New King:

Of the three consoles, the Wii is by far the most popular. I can say that because there was only one store in my area that had them in stock, and this trend is spread throughout the rest of the country. So if you are planning to give one for Christmas, you'd better buy it now. This product has been in short supply every Holiday season since it launched and demand appears to only be increasing. EA has recently indicated they made a huge mistake by not betting on the Wii more heavily and instead focusing on the Xbox 360 and PS3."

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The wii is selling like its selling because its cheaper and kids would buy any fkn thing that other kids buy . its to bad those kids cant buy a ps3 or an xbox because there parents have other things to do than to spoil there kids with a 400 gaming machine . But obviously you mfkers in the media dont get it that the wii is not in competition with the xbox or the ps3 . Yes I get it the wii sold like a billion of them and there taking the casual gamers away from the xbox and the ps3 . But seriously ask any kids who parents can afford which system they want ? I wont even answer .

ChickeyCantor3584d ago

" But obviously you mfkers in the media dont get it that the wii is not in competition with the xbox or the ps3 "

actually it is =)

Expy3584d ago

1. Different Market / Target Audience
2. Cheap price
3. Easy controller (sometimes very annoying and tiring)
4. Cheap pink-up and play games

LossTheEarthbreaker3584d ago

You guys forget to mention their first-party titles that many core gamers pretty much bought the system for.

Like myself.

And now I wish I could sell it. Too bad I can't get near the value gamestop can because ebay is flooded with used Wii's.

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