Final Fantasy VII Voted Push Square Readers' Greatest Ever Game

Push Square: "We, along with the rest of the Push Square community, were screaming like little girls when Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced for the PlayStation 4 during Sony's jaw-dropping E3 2015 press conference. It's fitting, then, that little over two months later, the original PSone version of Final Fantasy VII has been voted as Push Square's Best Game of All Time."

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masterfox1198d ago

Agree, 2nd place would be FF VIII :D

Asuka1198d ago

i can respect that. Though imo, FFVIII will also be #1 for me, but FFVII was a real game changer back in the day and I can't wait for the remake.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1198d ago

I'm actually waiting for this to be ported to the iPhone so I can finally play this game. My journey to and from work will be interesting :)

I was on the zelda side of things Ocarina of Time remains my best rpg ever. I did however enjoy final fantasy 9 on psOne didn't get to complete it tho.

3-4-51197d ago

* Only ever got to just outside of Midgar, then kept getting One-Hit-Killed by that dumb large monster thing on my way to next village like 15 times in a row so I just quit.

Loved most of it up until that point though.

I get to play FF7 remake and have over 50% of the game be brand new to me, so at least when I play that, I won't have the entire game spoiled for me.

Yes I know about her.

ameliabaz1197d ago

If you quite just after leaving Midgar, I have some good news for least 90% of the game will be new for you. You're only at the start of the game :D

BG115791197d ago

Everyone has a different FF.
In my case it would be in other 6, 7, 5 and 9.

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mark_parch1198d ago

have to agree. such a great experience paying that game as a kid

Der_Kommandant1198d ago

There's a LOT of masterpieces out there and i freaking love FF7 but greatest game ever? i doubt it

ninsigma1198d ago

People will say that about any game. Problem is games are good or bad depending on who you talk to. And this isn't official by a long shot either! Its personally my favourite game but there's loads out there who disagree. Doubt there could ever be an official "greatest game ever" but ff7 would definitely be a contender along with ocarina of time apparently (gotta get round to that one on the 3ds).

miyamoto1198d ago

Congrats Square and Sony for such an awesome game.
Now if FF6 and Legend of Dragoon can be remade....

Name Last Name1197d ago

...and Brave Fencer Musashi while they're at it.

BG115791197d ago

FF6 remade with today's standard!!! Oh my freaking God!!!
I want it!!!!

If we are going to ask for remakes, let ask for Chrono Trigger!!!!

miyamoto1197d ago

Oh yeah.
With epic storytelling, lovable characters and fantastic operatic music.

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