The Witcher 3 Skellige Most Wanted Quest Won’t Be Fixed By Patch 1.08

The Witcher 3 Skellige Most Wanted quest won't be fixed with the upcoming 1.08 patch but shortly after its release, the team revealed

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thekhurg1146d ago

Please fix the double buffering on consoles.


raWfodog1146d ago

Hopefully by the time I get around to finally getting this game, it'll be pretty much perfect. I don't want any hiccups when I play it :)

hades071146d ago

Well thats too bad. I never encountered any bad glitches in this game other than odd graphical ones until this quest. Watching the Werewolf growl over and over until it sinks into the ground is pretty funny though.

mac_sparrow1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

I was glitch free for hours until I ran into a problem this week. Vernon Roche won't speak, cutting me dead on the main storyline. Hoping it's fixed in 1.08 as I'm running out of secondary quests.

Still an amazing game though.

mogwaii1146d ago

This is getting ridiculous and making me want to just give up on it, shame, it couldof been great.