Final Fantasy XV's Development Is Fully on Target; The Game Is 65% Complete

Unfortunately Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata did not provide a release date for the game today at the Active Time Report from Gamescom, but he provided some quite detailed information to DualShockers about the status of the game, explaining that the game’s development is perfectly on track.

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Abash1054d ago

Are you kidding me? Now it sounds like even a holiday 2016 release may not happen being it's only 65% done.

Abriael1054d ago

65% is a good percentage. Once you have the core gameplay in place, which now they have, it's mostly just a matter of piling on assets and refining.

DarkOcelet1054d ago

It was 60% two months ago so it will be finished at Q2 2016. So all good.

Metallox1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

@DarkOcelet Like progress in projects can be measured with percentages just perfectly, and like progress is proportional...

pumpactionpimp1054d ago

No final fantasy that I can remember has come out on its original release date. They always get delayed, but often suffer less bugs... So I'm happy to wait.

Godmars2901054d ago

65% done game that's supposedly been in development for eight years? How is that a "good" percentage?

bouzebbal1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

what? you make it sound like nothing is missing. 65% is just above halfway done. 2017 will be release date. you heard it here first.

Dragon Quest XI will be out before, and that actually is all i want to play. Really outshadows everything else for me.

CertifiedGamer1053d ago

This game has been in development since 2007 for it to be in 65% just proves how lazy square enix has become. Rockstar makes Grand Theft Auto games in 3 years with far more content and no grind fest.

jambola1053d ago

Not in development for eight years, we just knew about the game back then

You are nowhere near the first person to say the game will release 2017, it's been said for months now, more even

Again, not in development that long
also square enix has released many games int hat time, both in and out of Final fantasy

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fermcr1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

They took 6-7 years to make 65% of the game... so they will probably take another 3-4 years for the other 35% ?

DarkOcelet1054d ago

It started production in 2012 my friend. So a 4 to 5 years work in such a big title is expected.

Dasteru1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )


It started production as Versus XIII in 2006. The same time the first FFXIII started production. They were being worked on side by side by 2 different teams. It switched platforms and was rebranded as FFXV in 2013.


Magicite1054d ago

If I recall correctly, it was 50-60% at the beginning of this year, if they will be making 10-20% progress per year, then...2017 at earliest.

jambola1053d ago

I think last september they said between 50 and 60%

Muzikguy1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

I don't like these percentages. 65% sounds to me like it's going to be awhile as well. Took them 8 years to get to 65% so who knows how long the rest will take. I know they started over and all, but I still don't get a good vibe from this. That last 35% could still take a looooooong time. Also, how do you put a percent on something that you don't know the ending? Maybe it's 65% of the story they had written, doesn't mean it's that much completed. I'm thinking they just said this to silence the critics (and I'm one of those)

Edit: ok, they started this game in 2012? So does that mean for 5 years before that they were lying to us? I'm not believing anything I see from SE anymore if that's the case. I'll wait until the project is finished and judge then. These drag along productions and lies are annoying and tiresome

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1054d ago

I bet Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out first.

Aghashie1053d ago

Nope... KH3, KH4, KH HD Remaster and KH Collection will come out first.

Not to mention that FF16 will release way before... (Yes, even before FF15).

And finally... The game will get delayed for Next Get and re-branded as FF:The Never Ending Story Chronicles and announced as a trilogy!

Yikes! Don't bet on that horse buddy, ull lose money.


Sarcasm aside. I'm hands down for the next KH. Love the game. I wonder if they r listening...

DragonKnight1053d ago

I bet FFVII remake comes out before both of them.

BABY-JEDI1053d ago

I bet there is a few gamblers reading this thread.

Explojoseph1054d ago

I think they should just give us a general idea of a release date. The fans just want to know - are we looking at a year or 3 years from now? We don't need the exact date...

For instance, "Coming Summer 2016". Honestly, even if they ended up pushing back the date a little, IT'S OKAY. Just give us a general idea. Jesus...

trywizardo1054d ago

for an ambitious game like that with that huge scale , 65% is pretty good

showtimefolks1053d ago

square releasing 3 games in a short period, just cause 3, dues ex and tomb raider

so my guess is fall 2016:

tomb raider complete edition for ps4 and pc along with re launch and charge Xbox one games $60 once more

FF15 is a given, I think a late October to November release date

if ff15 is 65% than does that mean we won't see kingdom Hearts 3 at the earliest in fall 2017?

what about ff7 remake so this pretty much confirms it a 2018 title? though I think square may push it to launch alongside the 20th year anniversary so that would mean and I hope fall 2017

jambola1053d ago

Kingdom hearts 3 could always release before ff xv?

ShiranaiJittai1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Squaresoft was a great company Squareenix still makes great things every once in awhile but they are a massive company now. Not great not bad just everywhere.

Just Cause 3 Deus Ex and Tomb Raider do not affect Final Fantasy in anyway.

Squareenix publishes quite a bit now far more then they actually develop. Those 3 games are games they publish they don't affect Final Fantasy being developed in anyway. The help the stock portfolio for the company sure but they have no bearing on Final Fantasy's development.

modelgod1053d ago

Stick a fork in FF. Since Mass effect, oblivion, dragon age, and fall out, and now the Witcher? FF is thru!! The last 2 or 3 FF weren't that great, it's ran it's course. It's sad to say but they should lay FF to rest with the FF7 remake, followed by a FF 10 remake and move on. In the midst of the current RPG's FF has no niche. Hell, the new fabled is going to blow FF away! RIP FF!!!

Entonations1053d ago

Just remember this game was revealed in 2006 along side final fantasy XIII. It has now been in development in one way or another for 9 years. At least it seems to be out of development hell now.

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Activemessiah1054d ago

I had this sense that it was higher than that... weird.

Abriael1054d ago

some parts of it are. The area shown today with the Malboro is between 70% and 80% complete.

DevilOgreFish1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

oh good 65%, so that means early 2017. so i wonder where that puts KH3 and the FFVII remake.

DarkOcelet1054d ago

3 different teams entirely. I won't be surprised if we saw KH3 before FFXV.

DevilOgreFish1054d ago

Right, but i'm almost definitively sure these games will be spaced out. If neither game launches next year then that puts 2017, 2018 and 2019 for game slots.

showtimefolks1053d ago

ff15 is a different team but kingdom Hearts 3 and ff7 are both under the same game director I think. I hope ff7 is a 2017 title

contradictory1053d ago

I'd think that FF VII is such an huge project it could take them atleast 3-5 years sadly... but then again what do i know... Bethesda nailed it with Fallout 4 because they worked on it long before reveal which greatly reduced waiting time and added to hype.

Chaosdreams1054d ago


At least we've come past those long and hectic days that were once pure silence.

goldwyncq1054d ago

It was 55% last year...