Fallout 4 turns you into the most versatile murderer in the Wasteland


"There's something cruelly satisfying about the way Todd Howard targets his enemies' legs. In the specially-directed Fallout 4 Gamescom playthrough I've just seen, he repeatedly makes a point of crippling his prey before he finishes them off. He violently cauterizes them off with lasers, riddles them with recently scavenged bullets, fires high-caliber sniper rifles into weak patellas, begging to be used as a target. In the surest sign yet that Fallout 4's steward is some kind of Komodo Dragon in human form, the game even builds leg smashes into its new melee executions."

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Ocsta1107d ago

Bring on November!! I've never been this excited for a game :D

fattyuk1107d ago

I cant put into words how much im looking forward to this, most anticipated game of my gaming life!

1 week booked of work - check
pipboy edition - check
midnight pick up - check

artbook - check
collectors edition guide - check (wont be using it though!)

ChrisW1107d ago

Pre-Purchase on Steam - check

*I'm not a very materialistic type guy...*

Ocsta1107d ago

Dude I've got a display case going. Right now it has my Fallout 3 collectors edition lunchbox and Vault boy bobblehead on it. Soon to come is the Fallout 4 Pip-boy (mounted, natch) with the perks poster framed and hanging over the case. Next to that we shall have theFallout anthology mini-nuke and a few Funko POP Fallout vinyl figurines at random spots on the case. So yeah. I win ;P

fattyuk1104d ago

have you got a limited edition fallout 3 poster signed by the devs won in a charity auction though ;)

lemoncake1107d ago

Fallout 4 sealed the epicness of this year.

Ashlen1107d ago

This is definitely the game to beat if you want GOTY... Good luck everyone else it's not exactly like you have 0% chance... lol

1107d ago