First WWE 2K16 Gameplay Details & Returning Game Modes Revealed

First official information on WWE 2K15 Gameplay and significant Game Modes additions that are either all-new, or a much needed return for something WWE 2K15 was missing.

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theXtReMe11145d ago

The biggest addition, in my opinion, is the no loading between entrances. That has been very irritating for far too long, with no excuse for it not being implemented last gen. I also like the limited number of reversals, it keeps both online and offline matches from being ridiculously tedious, with reversal after reversal ruining match flow.

The 120 man roster is also huge. Hopefully giving us a healthy dose of both modern and past WWE/ WWF superstars. The build an arena mode is also a nice touch, as it allows for greater variety, hopefully with the ability to upload and download user made arenas and stadiums, for use in offline modes(letting the game engine randomly choose between all included and downloaded arenas). Speaking of which, hopefully outdoor stadiums will finally be included. I, since I was a kid in the 80s, always loved outdoor events. They always felt bigger and more alive than the indoor shows.

Cant wait to play it!

Sounds like this year is the year for the game to truly shine.

galgor1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

It's funny. I was playing WWE 13 yesterday and I was thinking When will the time come when the entrances are broken apart by loading screens and then bam! This news drops today. It'll make a big difference.

That being said, the game still looks like shit. They just toy around with mechanics each and every year, throw in some new animations and commentary and that's about it.

They really should be at a stage where they can get the crowd looking like a real dynamic crowd, instead of mindless drones they've always appeared to be.

I can't believe they still haven't upped the number of people you can have in the ring at once either.

Just watched the Finn Balor entrance. Holy shit, is it ever ruined by the timing of the ring bell, the ring announcer and the commentary. Horrible to watch.

Cra2yey31144d ago

I agreed all the way till you said outdoor events feel much bigger... I highly disagree.

spacedelete1144d ago

no GM Mode no buy. all these modes are modes they removed in WWE 2015 and now advertising as brand new features.

ChristopherJack1144d ago

GM mode was awesome. Would love to see it again with NXT included. Some sort of "monday-night wars"-like story line.

DeadlyFire1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

I thought that was called Universe mode in the last couple of games. Have not played anything new since WWE14 though.

vanity291144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Im really enjoying 2k15 right now and all those added features sound amazing. The only thing im iffy about is the reversals. I like being able to have a lucky reversal whenever I want to change the way the match is going.

Deathdeliverer1144d ago

That damn Finn Balor entrance is a strong competitor for longest intro ever. Only one that rivals that is when the Undertaker has the full people with torches, birds cawing, and mist flowing for 3 damn minutes before his real music even hits.

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