Magma Red PS4 DualShock 4 Controller Will be Coming to Amazon from August 24th

The Magma Red PS4 DualShock controller was released a while ago, though only via GameStop. However, players will soon have more options as to where they want to buy from, rather than being forced to put their money into GameStop's wallet.

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Rimeskeem1078d ago

Im interested but i end up putting silicon cover over it for more grip.

chrish19901078d ago

I used to do that with PS3, but with the PS4 controller I don't think I really need it that much. Bare naked is how it should be!

AstroCyborg1078d ago

about time it just took 2 years

Skate-AK1078d ago

They have been at GameStop for a couple months, they were the exclusive US vendor.

FITgamer1078d ago

Nice, really didn't want to buy one from Gamestop.

ChronoJoe1078d ago

I have this controller...

It's like the one you probably already own, but red :P quite a nice colour I suppose, but I wish I had a red system to match it! xD