Stop Porting Every Damn Game on the Market

The ZombiU/Zombi affair leaves us wondering what happens when a port has the potential to go wrong.

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nX1112d ago

Yeah it's a strange trend that just doesn't seem to stop. I can't imagine how people could get excited to play ZombiU, there are so many better games on the market that it's just ridiculous.

gangsta_red1112d ago

Publishers are seeing a demand to play remasters and ports and are jumping on the craze.

FallenAngel19841112d ago

I don't see why not. It allows a wider audience of gamers to experience software they otherwise wouldn't have. Everybody wins.

1112d ago
InTheZoneAC1112d ago

many ports/remasters are deserving, some like Zombi are not

Parapraxis1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Umm, Ubi is probably trying to recoup some of the loss that was incurred from the abysmal WiiU.

Summons751112d ago

by spending even more money to port it?

Spenok1112d ago

So more people would buy it maybe? Releasing it on 2 platforms with a combined total of around 35-40 million sales adds to a great many more people who can/would buy it. Also, porting is a fairly simple process. Especially when the game is already complete.

deafdani1112d ago

Zombi U sold, if I remember correctly, around 500k units, when the console's install base was at about 4 million, or a bit more.

That was, at the time, more than 10% attachment rate. Which is quite high, and 500,000 copies of a new IP in a console with such a low install base is actually a good number.

I honestly don't know what Ubisoft was expecting. This game was never going to sell anything like a Smash or Mario Kart game, and to expect otherwise is absurd.

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The story is too old to be commented.