Get Your Own StarCraft II Colossus

The StarCraft 2 fansite has come across a Philips wireless web cam with apparent relation to the new StarCraft II Protoss unit, the Colossus. This new concept product is made by Flynn Product Design in the UK, and besides being a twin brother to the PC game unit it also has great flexibility, just as the StarCraft II Colossus.

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thetamer3669d ago

Forget StarCraft, it looks awesome!

Leord3669d ago

Noo, I'd sell this prototype AND a couple of fingers to be in the SC2 Alpha!

Maticus3669d ago

Lol, nice. I need a new webcam too :)

SCFreelancer3669d ago

Now, if only it could walk and follow you around! Nice design.

Leord3669d ago

Man, I could definitely see myself with one of those next to me on my desk!

Wuushu3669d ago

Ok, someone tell me how fast this thing goes. :D

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