Exclusive: EA 'toyed' with a motion-sensing peripheral

EA "toyed" with the possibility of releasing a Wii MotionPlus-style peripheral for its sports games, has learned.

Speaking to, EA Tiburon associate producer Greg Rinaldi, who was in the UK to promote Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, said he was "surprised" that Nintendo was able to make the Wii MotionPlus add-on affordable considering how expensive gyroscope equipment is.

He said: "I'm surprised that Nintendo is able to make it (the Wii MotionPlus) affordable. A gyroscope is an expensive piece of equipment, so they must have a good partner working with them. We were discussing what it would take to get a really real swing, and they were like, well you'd need a gyroscope. I did some research on my own, and gyroscopes are pricey. EA isn't in the business of creating peripherals, but it's something we toyed with a little bit. I say leave it to the people like Nintendo. They know what they're doing."

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