Monster Memory unleashed in 2007

Sony has teamed up with Sandisk to overhaul its existing Memory Stick format.

The latest addition to Sony's Memory Stick Pro range might not be big in size, but it's a giant in capacity.

Dubbed the Memory Stick Pro-HG, it pumps the storage capacity up to a whopping maximum of 32GB

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andy capps4385d ago

That's insane. Would help a lot if people were able to run their games via the Memory Stick. Question is how much would this be? $100 seems like a good price, any more and I don't see how anyone would be interested. It would definitely make me think about getting a PSP though. I could fit a lot of movies on that, and PSP is finally getting some good games.

PhantomMD4385d ago

I need one of those... I only have a 1 gig in mine and I am always running out of space with the movies and music that I store on it.

Arkham4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Don't get your hopes up. This info was in an article released over the summer and we're talking about a $900-$1500 range for 16 and 32 GB cards.

These are being aimed at professional digital photographers, not for lunchroom PSP use.

EDIT: Couldn't find the other article, Google flooded me with links to this new news. I did read something interesting in the full release though:

"This data does not guarantee that Memory Stick PRO-HG 32 GB media will be introduced to the market. Memory Stick PRO-HG product lineup is not yet fixed."

When they say that "it" will be released at a price the average person could afford, I suspect they'll put out 4-16 GB versions for a few hundred dollars, instead of the huge 32GB right away. The thrust of this new product announcement seems to be the better transfer rates rather than outright capacity.

andy capps4385d ago

Arkham- That makes more sense. Thanks for the explanation. Maybe I'll just be waiting for the next PSP that has a hard drive. Or not, may ask for that for my birthday next February.

Arkham4385d ago

I would expect to see something like at least $200 for an 8GB or 10GB. I am fairly confident that the last article said it was in the range of $1200 for a 32GB stick, but that was a few months ago, before this "official" announcement.

Seeing as how I can find 4GB sticks for about $80-100 US, I might just go that route for the short term.

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shysun4385d ago

It's about damn time!!!