Square Enix's next MMORPG will not replace FFXI

This month's issue of EGM (#232) features an interview with Hiromichi Tanaka, lead developer of Final Fantasy XI. In the interview he said Square Enix's next MMORPG is being developed by the same team that worked on FFXI, which means they will use all the experience they gained to produce an ever better MMORPG. The new game, according to Tanaka, will not replace Final Fantasy XI.

In addition, Tanaka said new content for Final Fantasy XI will be added as long as gamers keep playing the game.

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chaosatom3521d ago

so i skipped.

Now I hope they can make a good MMO for the ps3.

Daver3521d ago

hmmm when FFXI came out on ps2, it was selling with the hard drive...

TapiocaMilkTea3521d ago

Would it require subscription fee? That was the main reason I didn't get FFXI.

sumfood4u3521d ago

I Damn sure miss this game & Praise God Almighty when this game hits my PS3, RPG gammer for life! Long Live Us Summoners!

PikkonX3521d ago

I was lucky enough to get my FFXI free from Sony after beta testing it. Still surprised they gave away $100 (at retail anyway) worth of hardware/software. I played about 3 years on PS2/PC off and on, on Carbuncle server.

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Poor Xbots3521d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, wasn't there an article or something that Squaer Enix was making a PS3 exclusive MMO?

Porr Xbots

Ogrekiller3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Nah, it's multi again. Come on, know the first rule of trolling: Know yourself and the enemy, and in 1000 battles you will emerge victorious from 1000 of them.

Edit: It's probably Rapture.

[email protected]3521d ago

Hmmm, its this new MMORPG the one with the codename rapture and probbaly the one with the name Herathis(or something like that hahahhaha). Anyway, lets see if this turn into a good MMORPG after all =P

vizigoth3521d ago

I finally got my wife to play some FFXI with me the other day as long as I let her play some blow em up games afterword. It would satisfy me to see FFXI continue but I would love for a new MMORPG to come out for PS3. No, I don't have a PS3 yet because I'm saving for a baby but I might seek out the 80gig non-bc version that comes out in a couple months.

Reshun3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I have high expectations for this untitled MMORPG. I would like to see how SE (FFXI) development team utilize their new Crystal tool for this next gen MMORPG.

tako20003521d ago

thx for the link

The new game look like FFXI with upgrade on graphic...hope to see more info. soon

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