California Teacher Plays Just Dance 4 for 138 Straight Hours, Sets Record

Along the way, Carrie Swidecki also raised over $7,000 for charity.

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generalwinter1041d ago

That's really awesome - a good example of how gaming can have a real, positive impact. Way to go.

1nsomniac1040d ago (Edited 1040d ago )

Bullshit. I hate these stupid world record/ charity claims people make these days. She clearly didn't "dance" without stopping at all for almost 6 days. The human body could not take it!

Has anyone ever tried to see what happends to you when you force it not to sleep? As someone who suffered from insomnia for a period of my life. Your body cannot cope & has periods of rapid shutdowns were it will randomly switch off for a few seconds completely numbing it. No matter what you're currently doing. After 72 hours you may aswell just drop a few acid tabs because you'll be seeing & talking to things that arnt there & generally going a bit mental. After that point it gets dangerous & if you've had no rest your heart will go in to overtime & you'll have cardiac arrest. Claiming to be dancing at this point is ridiculous.

Dasteru1040d ago

Beat me to it. Was going to say they would have needed to hook this person up to a powered exoskeleton for the last couple days and zombie dance them. With constant physical exertion, they actually most likely wouldn't have lasted 2 days.

iceman061040d ago

I don't know what records she broke. However, if it's Guiness Book's records, they have strict guidelines as to how one could do this. That includes mandatory breaks for food, drink, and bathroom. I remember a streamer a couple of years ago trying to go for a 3 day record. He fell asleep on the toilet after about 50 hours. (of course I didn't watch the entire time, just checked in a couple of times) Either way, he talked about how he HAD to follow the guidelines in order to be considered for the record.

CaulkSlap1040d ago

In other news - California teacher fired for meth possession.