Is it time for one universal console to replace PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii?

The idea of a universal console isn't a new one, in fact it's bandied around, and brought up at least once in every generation. So I'm doing exactly that. Just imagine one console combining the best elements of the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. It would be awesome, and would mean the end of the fanboy wars once and for all. But could it possibly ever happen?

The subject of having one universal console to rule them all came to my mind again after the recent E3 Expo, where nothing really happened. In fact, the only piece of big news was the fact that Final Fantasy XIII was no longer a PS3 exclusive, with Microsoft doing a deal to bring the game to the Xbox 360.

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dktxx23645d ago

One console would be one hell of a bad idea for gamers. Think we pay to much for games now? Well if this happens, think $100 per game. Think $15 a month for online play, plus the specific games subscription fee. Say goodbye to good games and hello to Halo 2008, Halo 2009, Halo 2010, and Halo 2011. Why push technology, when you the only one who can.

RememberThe3573645d ago

With no competition and high demand the price of a "universal" console would sky rocket. Probably something like this: Maybe not that mush but you get the idea. Plus, you know what we have a universal console it's called a PC.

StephanieBBB3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

MC-donalds? Atleast they have the money for it...

ThanatosDMC3645d ago

Actually, no one would buy a ridiculously expensive game you're talking about.

Im all for one console to rule them all. I just hope they dont copy the Wii when it started shoving peripherals down our throats. Remember how PS2 took control of everything and everybody was happy?

So your logic fails. They'll still have to think of how much consumers are willing to pay. So a game that much wont exist till they start need to manufacture orbs or something for a game.

JsonHenry3645d ago

Meh... it is called a PC people. It is already here.

Lifendz3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

and I'll put aside how crazy and unlikely this is and tell you why.

I like having a choice. Last gen I was an Xbox guy. This gen I'm a PS3 guy. Each had qualities/features that attracted me to them. Were there just one console I'd basically have no choice.

2) I like that there's more in the way of hardware to choose from. True believer in the cell and blu-ray? Then you can go PS3. Like the unified RAM and strong GPU? Then you go 360. Plus I like choosing between Live and PSN.

3) I'm not a casual gamer. I'm not. I play Wii sports with my son from time to time but for the most part I'm a graphics/hardcore guy. I went out and spent a thousand bucks on a TV so I could enjoy the visuals that these 2 (PS3/360) next-gen consoles have to offer. (And I say two because my roommate owns a 360). Who's to say that with one console we wouldn't have a more scaled down console so the entry price is lower.

No thanks. I like competition. Sony and MS are a good Ying and Yang. And Nintendo is actually bringing more people to the table who may...just day decide to pick up a 360 or PS3 controller and go for some "hardcore" gaming.

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Alexander Roy3645d ago

The only uni-console I can imagine ATM would be a MSFT/Sony product.
Both go into a very similar direction, I'd say. Both focus on the "hardcore" gamers and make have "some" games for the casual crowd (Lips/Singstar for example). They are essentially the counterpart to Nintendo's Wii. Both are about equal in terms of power, both with their cons and pros (I will so get flamed for this).
Why can I imagine both working together? It's the third-party games. Exclusive games that aren't made by either first or second party developers are becoming scarce on both sides (Eternal Sonata, FFXIII). It simply doesn't work out to only sell it to one audience.
What does KZ2 cost? What did MGS4 cost? I have no f'in clue, but they sure are/were expensive. You know that ONE single game already almost killed a company, due to the sheer cost? ShenMue was touted the most expensive game of all time, it even got the Guiness Record back then. We all know how many (read: how few) people bought it and what happened to the Dreamcast.
Unless MSFT and/or Sony can create a first party line up next to Nintendo's (Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, you know the names) in terms of quantity and quality, there isn't really an economic point in making a console. That, or one of them pulls a PS2 and sells more than 120 mio. units and basically owns everyone with their market shares.
Would I be happy to see a MSFT/Sony console? You bet your ass. No problems with exclusive third party games, no dev that can't handle one console better than the other and, hopefully, no fanboy wars. Do I think it will happen? Maybe, there always is a slight chance for everything, but I won't bet on it.

Real Gambler3645d ago

"and brought up at least once in every generation."

This guy is such a goof. People talk about this about once every 3 months, not once every generation.

And no, we don't want that to happen.

Controller for $150 each?
Hard drives for $400?
Online for $20 a month?

Like we needed another opinion in NEWS4GAMERS, particularly a very redundant and stupid opinion!

metalhead3645d ago

Just because there is one console does not make games more expensive, hell it would make some cheaper because it would make it a lot easier for developers to make the games. They wouldnt need to know three different kinds of programming language for one game. This is why devs want a one console future. It would be easier just think about it. I am not trying to insult your opinion but Im just giving you my point of view.

ThanatosDMC3645d ago

Stop talking about M$'s 360! You should go to the open zone!

(see what i did there?)

ASSASSYN 36o3645d ago

Stupid idea. Imagine one car company, or one game devloper. Won't happen because it couldn't work.

RememberThe3573645d ago

Good analogy! You get bubbles!

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