Gamestyle Review: Race Driver: GRID

Gmaestyle writes: "When it comes to racing games there are very few companies that have the heritage of Codemasters. The last racer they unleashed on the market - Colin McRae: Dirt - was probably the best in the series and naturally GRID borrows quite heavily from that title. This is certainly no bad thing.

One of the nicest features comes right from the beginning. Upon adding your details you then get to pick your name from a list of others. Once this is complete then the lovely announcer actually says "Welcome" followed by the name you've chosen. Of course if you have a rather unique name then chances are you won't get the most out of this feature, though there are an assortment of nicknames that you can choose to help soften the blow. This carries on into the main races where the person shouting in your ear will say things like "Well done…". It doesn't add anything to the actual game, but it's a nice touch and a shame other games don't make some use of this."

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