EGM September '08 Rumors: Banjo XBLA, More Star Wars, Bungie PS3 Games

The September 2008 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features it's monthly rumor section providing us with more juicy inside information

• Banjo Kazooie and Tooie for XBLA will incorporate Stop N' Swap.
• Konami bringing back a retro classic in 2D. Not Bucky O' Hare or Biker Mice From Mars.
• More Star Wars characters will come to Soul Calibur IV as downloadable content.
• LocoRoco 2 and Patapon 2. Q Entertainment making adventure game that is not a sequel to NNN.
• Halo Wars, Fable 2, and Call of Duty: World at War will not make it out in 2008.
• Namco are bringing back Dead to Rights.
• Bungie are developing multiplatform and PLAYSTATION 3 games.

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Omega43671d ago

Well this is either just plain fake or egm arent very well informed even for rumours

-Banjo was confirmed to come to xbla at E3
-Peter M said Fable 2 was "completed" at E3 so why woulnt it come out in 08
-MS gets to publish all Bungies games unless MS chooses not to

Vojkan3671d ago

-MS gets to publish all Bungies games unless MS chooses not to / lol no. Bungie is now independent studio, they can do what ever they want. MS owns HALO IP and thats it.

The gaming GOD3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Wasn't bungie independent now?

I know that they said they would give MS the right to accept or decline new IPs before they pitched them to nintendo or sony. But it's not what MS allows, it what Bungie chooses.

In other words Omega, it's Bungie that has the say. Not Microsoft.

Omega43671d ago

Yeah thats what i was talking about, which kinda means the same thing really

The split only really means that MS cant force Bungie to pump out a Halo every other year since they choose what they want to make

Xi3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

While bungie is independant, they signed a contract which made sure that all bungie games get first approval from MS, if MS passes on these new titles they can then choose to find a second publisher.

I doubt MS is dumb enough to pass on bungie exclusives, and I doubt bungie is dumb enough to alienate their fanbase like that.

Otherwise bungie maybe independant but contracted to second party, like Silicon Knights and nintendo a while back.

Dark vader3671d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

The thing is the relationship with bungie and microsoft is not too hot. Bungie probably regrest doing any bussiness with microsoft. If bungie left microsoft even after having such a massive sucess with halo, then that would tell you right there something must be wrong. Bungie and microsoft for some reason are not getting a long. I think this is a bigger lost for microsoft then bungie.

Dark vader3670d ago

You never know, Square enix is alienating there fanbase. And do you have proof such a contract even exist?

Xi3670d ago

"... Bungie will become an independent company and will retain a long-term publishing agreement with Microsoft Game Studios"

"We’ll continue to make Xbox 360 games, and we’ll continue to make amazing games for MGS. In that regard, nothing has changed. All that has changed is that now Bungie Studios is once again, the property of the folks of Bungie Studios. Microsoft is and will continue to be, a brilliant, inventive and creatively collaborative publishing partner"

also (the blog is the initial source who broke the story).
stating that MS has a contract with first refusal rights on new bungie titles.

Dark vader3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

"Bungie will become an independent company and will retain a long-term publishing agreement with Microsoft Game Studios for “Halo” titles."

They only made an agreement in regards only to "halo" titles. Meaning any other titles is up for graps.

morganfell3670d ago

You had better look closely at the agreement. Bungie can make Playstation 3 games and use other publishers.

From the news release:

Microsoft Corp. today announced a plan for Bungie Studios, the developers of the "Halo" franchise, to embark on a path to become an independent company. Microsoft will retain an equity interest in Bungie, at the same time continuing its long-standing publishing agreement between Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie for the Microsoft-owned "Halo" intellectual property as well as other future properties developed by Bungie.

There is this:

This is from artredis1980 from Neogaf, he was the guy to post about the 360 3 SKU price drop 3 days before it was leaked, sounds pretty legit

* Microsoft will own around 45% of Bungie stocks
* Bungie will become a public gaming company like Rockstar and Epic
* Bungie will be allowed to create thier own engine and thier own games for any console/system they want
* If Bungie makes a game for any other console other than MS, MS will still get royalty $ from the profits obtained from that game
* Microsoft will have majority rights in the board room and financial decision making of Bungie
* Bungie is now allowed to make games for Nintendo and Sony but it also needs to be on Xbox 360 as well
* Microsoft made this financial decision as Gamers are more likely to buy 360 games than PS3/WII games per system
* An Independent Bungie will be more valuable than a Microsoft owned Bungie, More games are potentially to be sold on 360 with an independent Bungie
* Microsoft has all rights to Halo, ONI and Myth, Bungie will develop Halo for Microsoft and it will be published by Microsoft.
* Bungie will develop 2 more Halo games in Collaboration with WETA published by Microsoft
* The only games Microsoft will not have exclusive rights for are the ones which are new IPs.

Last year Frankie said they were going to concentrate on the 360. That was last year. Remember last year when FF13 was a PS exclusive? Think about that. With the PS3 being the top selling core gamer machine, the machine with a more advanced technology - argue all you want but the Cell plus Bluray allows directions not possible otherwise. MGS4 proved that with one hand behind it's back - it is only naturally that Bungie would gravitate in that direction.

Homicide3670d ago

EGM rumors have pretty much come to be true. They're way more reliable than Surfer girl and gamesblow. They were the ones who brought up the 40GB PS3, Bioshock for PS3, Eternal Sonata PS3, P4 coming out this year and lots more rumors. It'll be pretty interesting to see if some of these come true. Fable 2 being delayed will not help the 360's momentum, if it has any.

gambare3670d ago

funny, when they said "FFXIII to be on 360 - unlikely" you were saying that it was a fact even if Sony was the publisher of the FF series, but now that they say "bungie to publish on PS3 - unlikely" now you are yelling "MS gets to publish all Bungies games unless MS chooses not to "

please... you were the first one remarking about the exclusivity stuff were a thing of the past, make your mind and accept it. Like you said with FFXIII, now say it about Bungie "it's a matter of time to be on my console"

fresco3670d ago

MS wouldn't let bungie go under that condition.

Meaning MS has the option to publish all bungie projects, if MS passes another publisher can pick it up.

its quite possible they're developing a ps3 game under EA or someone else.

Superfragilistic3669d ago

"This is from artredis1980 from Neogaf, he was the guy to post about the 360 3 SKU price drop 3 days before it was leaked, sounds pretty legit..."

Your giving a lot of slack to a guy who makes questionable statements...

Chief among those you posted are Myth being MS owned - it's owned by Take 2 as a result of the Bungie sale to MS!, and the publishing relationship - MS is Bungie's publisher (Bungie's Luke Smith).


Err Fable 2, confirmed @ E3 for October 2008?! lol

otherZinc3669d ago

all they want, they just cant take HALO with them. Now, chew on that!

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Vojkan3671d ago

• Bungie are developing multiplatform and PLAYSTATION 3 games. / so are they making multiplatform game that is also for ps3 or single game that is ps 3 excvlusive?

smokeymicpot3671d ago

Hopefully bungie can make a game other then halo. Last time i remember doing this they made a game called Brute Force that was not a good game

Nathaniel_Drake3670d ago

They also made a game called Oni, on don't know how well that did, and they made a pc game called Myth which did good.

Delt43670d ago

Brute Force was developed by Digital Anvil. Just an FYI

Panthers3670d ago

I have Oni. It was fun, but bland. It was published by Rockstar

PirateThom3670d ago

I'm in the minority, and I tested this before, but I prefer Oni over any Halo game.

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eagle213671d ago

Please Call 1-800-A-BOT-NEEDS-A-SHRINK :)

morganfell3670d ago

Ha ha, true. But now you know why Microsoft yanked Bungie from the stage presentation.

iceice1233670d ago

Yeah right, you know you'd kill to have a superior developer like Bungie studios make games for your console, don't lie kid.

TheColbertinator3670d ago

@Pwnpause I get what you are saying.You dont want Halo on the PS3.Thats fine.Its not EVERYBODY who loves the game so its allright.

@Icewake Its true that Halo is a huge selling franchise.Sony does not want Halo so to speak just its profit share.Millions have been generated from Halo which Microsoft likes or any other company wants not just Halo specifically.I know Microsoft wants a title like Gran Turismo or Metal Gear Solid not because its "cool" to have on the 360,Microsoft just wants the profits.Gran Turismo has sold over 50 million units as a franchise.I'm pretty sure Microsoft wants a slice of Sonys profit cake.

Microsoft is actually more jealous of Nintendo whose Mario and Pokemon franchises have sold over 80 million units each.

pwnsause3670d ago

im not lying, i dont want halo. maybe marathon.

silverchode3670d ago

to many fps for the ps3, the only people who want halo already own a 360.i like gears of war better.

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