10 Things We Can't Wait to See at Gamescom 2015 | Xbox On

With E3 over it's time to look to the future and discuss all the incredible games we can't wait to see at Gamescom 2015! What are you most excited for?

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christocolus1253d ago

Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Recore, Sea of thieves and more of Halo5, TombRaider, new ips and a new RTS game.

JoeMcCallister1253d ago

Might be a little early for Recore and Sea of Thieves but I'm right there with you, those are two really exciting IPs

christocolus1253d ago

Both games will be out next year and sea of thieves trailer at E3 was all i think we will see more gameplay demos in the near future also Phil spencer said he played Recore just before leaving for E3 and according to him it looked really good. Keiji inafune also said we would see gameplay very soon.Gamescom is very soon. :)

Septic1253d ago

I'm worried Phantom Dust won't be shown. I really want to see that but suspect it will be a no show.

ThePope1253d ago

MS is going to announce a new IP at GC I think.

Mikefizzled1252d ago

Phantom Dust isn't in development at the minute and chances are Twisted Pixel are probably showing their new game.

Kal0psia1252d ago

Yup, great time to own an Xbox. It's cheap and has ton of high quality games for the rest of the year. Also I have feeling they will surprise us with Recore. Phil said they're playing it already. Plus new IPs?! Wow I wonder what else they have in store. Can't wait!

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JoeMcCallister1253d ago

Can't wait to see a bit more of Quantam Break and Halo 5 as that E3 demo actually turned me a bit from the cynic to hopeful. Would love to see some gameplay of Crackdown, great memories of both of the previous ones playing with buddies.

Nosred1253d ago

Recore <3,Scalebound, Quantum Break.

Rimeskeem1253d ago

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spicelicka1253d ago

Already know Quantum break, Scalebound, and Crackdown are showing. I really hope they show Recore since it's coming out in spring. They said new exclusive games announcements too, I'm sure those will be indie games, looking forward to those!

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The story is too old to be commented.