Hands On: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is Pretty Good - BGU

"Ubisoft's pride and joy swings into 2015 with some welcome improvements, but not enough to make us gasp like we did in the Ezio days." - Matt Doria of BGU

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen893d ago

I may give it a try since it doesn't have shoe-horned multiplayer.

bixxel890d ago

No don't victim to hype like this article!

But you have the right to do whatever you want.. So I can't force you..

MSBAUSTX893d ago

I didnt play an AC game after 3 because of Ubisoft being complete liars and cheats. AC 4 is free right now on XB1 so I downloaded. It is actually pretty good. I wont be playing Unity though. I watched a friend play it and it is bery pretty but uninspiring. I still cant bring myself to give Ubi my money after all of the lies. I miss AC 1 and 2 days. Hell I miss good Prince of Persia games. At least Rayman was good.

Julion0715893d ago

AC unity is very boring man if you like the series and wanna beat everyone of them Unity make that very hard to do.