Digimon World Re: Digitize for PSP finally gets an English translation

Digimon fans in the West looking to play Digimon World Re: Digitize will finally get to do so, as the game has received its long-awaited English translation. The fan translation patch comes 3 years after its original launch, with the game now having the option to play with English subtitles.

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nidhogg1267d ago

Valkyria Chronicles 3, Type 0, and now this. So glad i kept my psp through all these years.

Eidolon1266d ago

It's still awesome, I don't use my Vita for PSP/PSOne classics, I use my PSP.

FallenAngel19841266d ago

They're still releasing PSP games?

Darkfist1266d ago

finaly, no thanks to you Namco, now let me get my psp that sets beside my dust collecting wiiu

ironfist921265d ago

That's great for the three people who still play PSP and are still into Digimon

Adrian_v011265d ago

Says the one with Crash Team Racing for the Playstation as avatar.

ironfist921265d ago

Says everyone who keeps asking naughty dog to reacquire the Crash Bandicoot license hurr...