Batman: Arkham Knight Tweaks and 30FPS Framerate Unlock Guide

"This guide will help you unlock the 30FPS framerate in Batman: Arkham Knight, among other things."

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crazychris41241271d ago

Its amazing we have to jump through these hoops just to reach the full potential of our machines in this game. If I have 2 Titans I dont wanna be capped at 30 fps. This wasnt in the last game so why change it?

mikeslemonade1271d ago

970SLI, not overclocked, I get about 24 FPS average on normal settings.

Even if I uncap from 30 this freaking game is still got dip down to 20 frames.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1271d ago

Seriously this is a sickening trend. Some of us pay good money for out hardware let us freaking use it.

stragomccloud1271d ago

They have to do this so console only gamers don't feel like they're playing such a poor version of the game. Plus, I've actually read that Microsoft and Sony pressure developers to put limitations on PC versions of games so that their versions don't seem as bad by comparison.

Ken851271d ago

And I honestly don't understand the mentality behind that. Most console gamers like myself who've never played on PC don't care about 1080p 60fps because from the perspective of our console games we don't know what we're missing. Games like Witcher 3 despite being inferior on my Ps4, looks amazing and runs fine from the perspective of being a console gamer. And if anyone looks at the PC version of something and comparing it and complaing doesn't make much sense because you can just invest in a PC.

stragomccloud1271d ago

I don't think you should use the term, "inferior" since it implies low quality. The PS4 version still looks great. So perhaps "not quite as good" is a better term.

triple_c1271d ago

I hate this mindset that devs have where everything has to be equal or on par with 1 another. Some machines are more powerful than other machines. Every machine is not equal or on par with 1 another and you should be able to get the most out of the hardware you pay for. This is some serious bs.

mkis0071271d ago

Hmm I just did a benchmark in the gamer and it didn't have the cap. was getting 51fps average.

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