The new Japanese Wii Shop menu item demystified

Nintendo Wii Fanboy writes: "The latest Japanese Wii software update added this item to the Wii Shop Channel's settings, with a gold icon and a label about "bonus content." Above it is a link to Club Nintendo through the browser and a link to the settings for Wii Shop presents. The "bonus content" link prompts users to enter 16-digit codes before being awarded ... something. But what is this bonus content? Free Wii Points as a promotion for game purchases? VC games linked to retail games in the same series? A puppy?

It might be that stuff later, but for right now, it's how you get the Speaker Channel that interfaces with Daigasso! Band Brothers DX on the DS. A bit disappointing, sure, but having infrastructure in place for Wii Shop bonus stuff could lead to interesting things in the future."

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