UGO: Tenchu: Shadow Assault in the Works, Developed by FromSoftware

UGO writes: "There's extremely little information on it, but it appears a new Tenchu game is in the works! Titled Shadow Assault: Tenchu, the game is listed on, Austrailia's equivilent to the ESRB which rates video games, DVDs and other forms of digital entertainment. You may remember them from their recent rejection of Fallout 3 and their past rejection of Grand Theft Auto 4.

Anyway, you can check out the listing below. Currently the game is listed as "Multi Platform," so there's really no telling where it'll pop up. It'll be developed by FromSoftware, Inc, the guys behind uh, the awful Tenchu Z and the equally awful Tenchu: Dark Secret. Here's hoping they've gotten over their Tenchu foibles and will revive this once-kick ass stealth action game."

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Playstation Man3767d ago

A new Tenchu game to piss on!

Roukuko3767d ago

sigh i remember when tenchu was amazing

ichimaru3767d ago

plese put the original team behind tenchu please!!! these guys are killing a great series!!!