Lemma, Monstrum and The Spatials: 3 alternative games that you really should be playing (Gearburn)

With the ever-growing list of games available in the market today it is only becoming harder and harder to find and choose the next title to invest and indulge in. With the countless abundance of titles we are provided there are many that don’t live up to their proud boasts of innovation and creativity.

But there are some that truly exceed expectations and are testaments to the ever evolving state of the gaming world.

So we here at Gearburn want to pay our respect to the following three titles and tell you why they deserve some of your time. Let me assure you, it will most certainly not be time wasted.

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Darcsoul923d ago

Lemma and Monstrum are both really entertaining, unique games. Anyone who enjoyed Mirror's Edge should definitely pick up Lemma.