Advent’s XCOM 2 Reveal Is a Lovely and Welcome Surprise

Well, it looks like 2K's Advent is actually a brand new XCOM in disguise. Which is awesome, yeah, but the surprise is what made it even greater.

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Orejillz1289d ago

Yeah, it's pretty awesome that I honestly wasn't expecting this to be the reveal.

GigawattConduit1289d ago

That's what they were hoping on! Bait and switch, classic! :P

Godmars2901289d ago

Even if you won the last two games, you lost.

Welcome to the resistance...

GigawattConduit1289d ago

Saw a video of one of the earlier XCOM games where your loss is really, really grim. Man, I knew this wouldn't be an easy war, but I didn't think it'd be THAT bad.

Ocsta1289d ago

My daughter Zoey's gonna be born in November... Hope she gives daddy the time he's gonna need for a classic ironman playthrough of this wonderful surprise right here :D

GigawattConduit1289d ago

Maybe she can be your second in command. Could make her first word "overwatch".

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