NVIDIA GTX 980Ti - First Benchmarks - Performance Equal To Titan X, Reference Card Priced At $649

The NDA for NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 980Ti will be lifted tomorrow, however Chinese website ZOL has posted earlier the first official benchmarks for this new GPU.

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hiredhelp1269d ago

The R9 295 x2 still holding up :0

TheOpenWorlder1269d ago

yeah..if you like a card with buggy ass drivers, no nvidia gameworks, and no gsync + crap = go for it

ABizzel11269d ago

And you just won the stupid of the month award.

Driver issues are present on both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, and are on a per game basis, the VAST majority of games have no issue with either GPU, it's newer games that haven't had a chance to get proper updates that affect the GPUs, NVIDIA is usually quicker about this since they have the most market share thus more power over PC games, but AMD is usually no more than a week or 2 behind, and a powerful card will pull through regardless.

Gameworks is so minor it's not even worth mention.

Gsync is nice, but again GPUs this high up have no need when they're running pretty much every game at 80+ fps in 1440p.

Obviously you have nothing else to add.

For the High end the R9 295x2 is the BEST VALUE without question, unless you absolutely want a single card GPU, in which case the R9 290 and GTX 970 is by far the best card for when it comes to Price and performance (290x also), everything else is just overpriced for the gains you get over the 290 / 970 / 290x (10% - 20% fps boost, for $200 - $700).

cpayne931268d ago

I've been using r9 270x with no complaints. Great performence at an even better price.

hiredhelp1268d ago

TheOpenWorlder ladies and gentlemen .... Thankyou for your crap comment.

Captain_TomAN941268d ago

Haha try harder fanboy!

Gameworks = game doesn't work (For anyone)

G-Sync = Dead on Arrival

Nvidia Drivers = accidentally having your card's fan deactivated and melting. Look it up it was a big issue.

cpayne931268d ago

Just got witcher 3 and I'm getting 40 fps on high, but with hairworks off.

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ABizzel11269d ago

Best card for the money for the top end. It's as low as $550 with rebates. That's an insane deal, for a card that won't be beat by single card GPUs for another 2+ years.

Captain_TomAN941268d ago

Except in 2 weeks by Radeon Fury but enjoy your two weeks lol

sovietsoldier1269d ago

i think ill be upgrading my 770 at that price unless the 770 gos way down then ill pick up another 770.

Razputin1269d ago

On the same boat with you. I had 2x 970s, sold one because it was enough, but now I just want this to play all my games at higher resolutions and higher framerates.

ABizzel11269d ago

Why not just buy another 970?

WheatBread1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I have an itx motherboard and case.

Same here. I just got a 1440p 144hz monitor and while the 970 is good at 1080p, it's kinda slow at 1440p.

kingmushroom1268d ago

LMAO i was thinking the same thing Got the Msi gtx 970 3.5g
ill put what ever i get for it on the 980ti.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1268d ago

I dunno man. 2 970s are still the best for performance vs cost.

Then again, if your mobo doesn't support sli, 980ti is the way to go.

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crazychris41241269d ago

Wow didn't think the price was gonna be that low. Would love to see what these bad boys do when in sli. Also lets hope AMD steps up with the 300 series. We need the competition.

Kleptic1269d ago

There were leaked benches of the 390x about a month or two ago putting up similar numbers, and similar prices...whatever article it was did the exact same thing; matches Titan X @ ~$600

rumors are rumors, but i bet AMD will also have a TX matching card by late summer/early fall...

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